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This Nurse Deserves To Go Viral For His Awesome Gift To Homeless Patients

If you’re eager to find good in the world, look no further than the Jackson Health System in Miami. A nurse there named Oliver Castellanos noticed that many homeless patients were being released after treatment in nothing more than paper gowns. You know the ones I’m talking about: Crinkly. Uncomfortable. See-through. Imagine wearing that thin, open-backed paper gown as you walk down the street.

Preserving Human Dignity

Castellanos thought it was wrong too, so he went home and gathered clothes and shoes from his own closet and brought them to work. He had a small pile of clothes to offer to begin with.

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When word got out in the hospital about his generosity and care, other people joined in.

Radical Kindness

Because of his action, others from his co-workers to his fellow church community came together and were able to offer a bit more than the bare necessities to those less fortunate than themselves. Before he knew it, Castellanos didn’t just have a small pile of clothes anymore; he had a closet full of clothes and shoes to give to discharged homeless patients and other patients in need.


He didn’t just watch these people leave in their hospital gowns, he took action! He saw a need and he sought to meet that need because, as he said, “We are all human beings, all brothers and sisters. We have to help each other out.”

Making A Difference

It should’ve been obvious to him what a difference he was making, but it hit home when a patient was brought to tears after being handed a pair of shoes. Castellano then realized what an impact his idea was having.

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One nurse’s shining example of selflessness and care should be looked upon and duplicated in all other similar situations across the country and the world.

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