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Observatory Transformed Into R2-D2 By Star Wars Loving German Professor Gets Love From Luke Skywalker Actor

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Hubert Zitt is a German professor who lectures internationally on the subjects of electrotechnology, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Currently, he does most of his teaching at the Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences. This famous professor found his way back into headlines when he and a team gave the Zweibrück Observatory of the Natural Sciences an R2-D2 themed facelift. The story was newsworthy enough on its own, but it went viral when Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) tweeted about it.

Getting The Job Done

Painting the observatory was a bit of a family affair, because professor Zitt’s father-in-law, Horst Helle, also helped. To make sure the artistry of the building was perfect, Zitt also enlisted the help of an expert painter named Klaus Ruffing.

Three men were not enough for such a humongous undertaking. Several of Dr. Zitt’s enthusiastic students also volunteered their time for the joint effort.

A True Star Wars Expert

In addition to being very talented in the field of science, Zitt travels the world to lecture on Star Wars and Star Trek. Audiences enjoy how he can make these iconic series entertaining for non-fans because he doesn’t bog his listeners down with a bunch of jargon that the average person wouldn’t understand.

Zitt is not just a movie buff. He often relates his scientific knowledge to the science fiction films as he did in a famous lecture about physics in Star Trek.

Interest In Astronomy

Zitt told Euronews he got the idea when he noticed that the observatory was shaped a lot like R2-D2. With permission from the University, he was able to start on the massive task of painting it. The professor has noticed that all of the media attention has increased the number of visitors to the observatory.

A simple paint job is getting everyday people more interested in astronomy. In his teaching career, Zitt has become an expert at making complex subjects more palatable to the public.

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