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Ocean Cleaning Device Created To Take On The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Cleanup is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to keep our oceans clean. After researching the issue, they have created a system that will tackle one of the largest garbage patches in the world. This organization has quickly become our greatest hope for making a real environmental change.

About The Organization

The nonprofit was founded by Boyan Slat at the young age of 18. He is a Dutch inventor with a passion for environmental issues. The Ocean Cleanup team now consists of 16 members, all with a scientific background. They began by surveying the amount of plastic floating in our oceans. After observing over one million pieces of litter, they knew they had to do something.

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The team found that the largest collection of trash is located in the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and California. They refer to this as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Although scientists have studied this area before, The Ocean Cleanup has done the most extensive analysis yet. They decided to use the ocean’s currents to begin the cleanup process.

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A Long Process

When figuring out where exactly all this waste came from, the team discovered that 46% is discarded fishing gear. Hopefully, their efforts will inspire others, especially fisherman, to reconsider their conduct. If you visit the website, you will find the team’s 5-year plan to use drifting systems to begin clearing half of the patch. Yes, it will take over five years to clean up this mess.

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The Floater

According to the website, The Ocean Cleanup has developed a device called “the floater.” It is made from a hard pipe and durable recyclable material. The pipe will float across the surface of the ocean and collect plastic in a concentrated area. There is a small space below the floater that will allow currents to pass through without interrupting the cleanup process.

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The Cleanup

A large cargo ship will carry the floater out to the patch. They will drop an anchor to secure the large pipe as it works its magic. The team is hoping that by collecting garbage, they will improve the ocean’s ecosystem and revive the habitat of marine life. While there is a long way to go before the ocean is clean, this nonprofit organization is willing and ready to take on the job.

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