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Family Discovers Old Vase In Attic And Learns It’s Worth Millions

Many of our attics are filled with junk that we don’t use and rarely think of. While digging through their own attic, a family discovered a beautiful and rare antique belonging to a relative that had passed away. To everyone’s surprise, that antique was about to make them a whole lot of cash!

An Interesting Find

While going through their home’s attic, a French family made an intriguing discovery. They found an antique vase that had been packed up in an old shoebox. It turns out that the vase had been passed down to the grandparents of the homeowners by an uncle. The grandparents apparently didn’t like the vase at all, so it’s no surprise that they tucked it away.

NBC News

The antique was, surprisingly, still in mint condition. The family decided that it would be a great idea to get it appraised. So, they went to Sotheby’s Paris to find out a little more about this mysterious vase and what it was worth.

Digging Up The Past

Through the appraisal, the family discovered the vase was actually from the 18th century. The antique has deer, birds and other woodland animals painted on it. However, it also bears a mark of the Qianlong Emperor who ruled China from 1736 to 1795.

The Japan Times

The family knew the vase had some value but had no clue that it belonged to a Chinese emperor! Since they didn’t have any emotional attachment to the vase, they decided to auction it off. Sotheby’s valued the vase at $590,000 to $825,000, which was already a nice chunk of change. But the family was about to earn much more than that. Much, MUCH more.

An Intense Auction

Sotheby’s held an auction for the ancient Chinese vase, and it was complete madness. There was an all-out bidding war that lasted for 25 minutes…all for a vase that this family didn’t even like! The vase eventually sold for an incredible $19 million!

Julie Gamble Smith

The auction not only made the family instant millionaires but it also broke a Sotheby’s record. With that price, the vase has become the most expensive item sold by the auction house in France. It’s also the most expensive piece of Chinese porcelain sold in the country. And to think, this valuable vase was sitting up in an attic all this time!

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