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Take A Look Into The Life Of The World’s Oldest Cat, Rubble

Michele Foster of Exeter, England, was 20 years old in 1988 when she moved out of her house for the first time. It was lonely out on her own, so she decided she wanted a pet. Luckily, her sister’s friend’s cat just had a fresh litter of kittens.

Pick Of The Litter

Rubble, a Maine Coon cat, was the first fluffball who caught her eye. Michele had an instant connection to him and decided to take him home to keep her company. He filled her lonely apartment with kitten energy and laughter. Michele couldn’t imagine what it was like before he was there.


Cat Antics

Rubble loved to play and explore inside the house, but he loved the outside too. He spent his days climbing the stones outside and roaming around in the gardens to see what he could find. He always made it home to Michele, though, so they could eat dinner together and spend a quiet evening on the couch.


One Spoiled Cat

Michele never had children of her own, so she spoiled Rubble rotten. She gave him all the love and attention he deserved and more. They were inseparable! Rubble was happy with all the attention from his mom and his mom loved taking care of Rubble, who gave her unconditional love each day.


Rubble’s Big 3-0

Never in a million years did Michele dream that in May of 1988, at the tender age of 20, she would pick out her companion for the next 30 years. There it was, though, Rubble turned 30. The local vet threw him a party to celebrate Rubble’s incredible milestone!


Age Is Just A Number

Michele doesn’t look at the years she’s had with Rubble as anything other than a result of the love she’s poured into her best friend and companion. She enjoys every day she has with Rubble and is grateful she chose such a loyal and wonderful cat all those years ago. Rubble adds a richness to her life that she’s glad she didn’t miss.


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