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These OMG-Worthy Gym Moments Are Bound To Make You Stop And Stare

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hilarious gym moments

The neighborhood gym is a meeting place for all kinds of people, united by the common need to stay in shape. But with such a variety of talented and unique characters coming together, there’s bound to be some gym moments that are hilarious, wacky, or downright leave you scratching your head.

1. The Squats Are Working

This little doggy seemingly just would not be ignored by its owner. Apparently preparing to do some kind of superman back exercise this woman was all ready and in position. However, this doggy wasn’t going to let her complete her sets. He apparently just hopped right on top of her and found that he was darn comfortable.

hilarious gym moments

fitfabgal / Instagram

Judging from the dog’s expression, he was in no rush to be moved from cozy spot. We’re not sure how long this little pup remained in position, but one thing is for certain, it makes for one heck of a funny gym photo. 

2. Love For The Punching Bag

Punching bags rarely ever getting the love that they deserve. These hanging bags are built to be punched, kicked and tossed about without care – their name literally says so. We could only imagine how shocked this particular bag was when these two young women began hugging and taking pictures with it.

hilarious gym moments

marie.number2 / Instagram

If punching bags were indeed sentient objects, we can only imagine all the others bags in that gym would be insanely jealous. This particular lucky bag would probably never look at its function in the same light ever again, not to mention change its name to reflect a more loving reality. 

3. A Little Privacy, Please

It’s bad enough when you look into the gym mirror and seeing one other person’s prying eyes looking you over. But what does one do when they have a flock of onlookers glaring at you? For this lady, it appears that keeping a focus on her fitness routine is the answer.

hilarious gym moments

My_Wife_Doesnt_Know / Reddit

We can only hope that this weightlifting pair is putting on some kind of demonstration for the crowd, given that man of them are dressed in jeans (we even spot a suit jacket in there) – far from your normal gym wear. Either way, we feel a caption contest coming with this one.

4. Pumping Iron In Pumps

Let’s face it, wearing high heels is a form of exercise in and of itself, or at least an incredible act of balance. For anyone who hasn’t tried it before, slip on a pair of pumps on and have fun trying to master the art that women (as well as some men) everywhere carry out with such prowess.

hilarious gym moments

thecrystalclearlife / Instagram

It can be hard enough lifting weights and working out, let alone with proper form. But doing it with stilettos on? This wonder woman deserves some serious props for blending style and fitness. Be forewarned, however: working out in these unorthodox fitness shoes takes plenty of experience in order to avoid injury.

5. Chilling Reflection

Gym bathroom selfies are arguably one of the hottest trends to come about in the past 10 years. You can go into the gym bathroom at anytime of the day and expect to see at least one person taking a selfie. What’s more striking than one sweaty selfie taker are multiple, in basically the same place doing basically the same pose. 

funny gym moments

redditrat99 / Reddit

While the selfie pose in the foreground here is nothing we haven’t seen a million times, the eerily similar reflection behind her makes it quite the spectacle. While at first glance it appears to be just a reflection in the background, upon further inspection we see a completely different woman dressed in similar attire and even in a similar stance doing the exact same thing. 

6. Upward Dog

Considering that flat-faced dogs tend to have more breathing problems than other breeds, we can only hope that this dog’s owner has found a great way to help his pooch work on its breathing technique and lung control all while working out themselves. We’re all familiar with the old idiom “Monkey see, monkey do,” yet in light of this adorable gym moment, it would seem that adage applies to dogs too.

hilarious gym moments

wagsrecovery / Instagram

This adorable yoga practitioner takes the upward dog pose to all new heights. Along with the benefits of yoga, the laughter inspired by this precious photo surely must have added health benefits for onlookers. Our only question is – where can we sign up?

7. A Fitness Princess

While most of us would assume that princesses live lives of luxury without having to lift a mere finger, we obviously ought to think again. Princesses are no strangers to busting a sweat, especially Disney princesses like Cinderella. Given their elite status, we’d think they’d definitely have gym memberships or even own their own gilded gyms.

hilarious gym moments

princessnatkins / Instagram

In this instance, it looks like Cinderella has decided to get her workout on in the halls outside of the D23 Expo. While some may find it odd, she’s a princess and will exercise where ever she darn well feels like it. Aside from that, we can’t help but wonder what’s going on with Snow White back there.

8. Web-Footed Weightlifting Spotter

While ducks and the gym don’t seem like a match made in heaven, having a duck by your side while you workout can do you wonders. These territorial little animals could possibly fight off any in-gym annoyances. If anyone wanted to jump in on your rep set, the duck could make a fluttering fuss and reserve your spot.

hilarious gym moments

healthe_workout / Instagram

Furthermore, if you wanted to take a moment to refill your water bottle, leave the duck sitting at your machine. This feisty little guy would hopefully make sure that nobody steals your spot. Running from this beaked barbell defender would definitely help get some cardio in too.

9. Workout Bench Buddies

Today, people and dogs are as tight as peanut butter and jelly. Our puppy pals are more openly accepted than ever before. It isn’t rare to go to a public space like a restaurant and see a dog hanging out under the table while his owners eat. They are even becoming more commonly seen at the gym. However, the joy they get from being there is up for debate.

hilarious gym moments

bodybydesignfitnessstudio/ Instagram

You’ll often see a dog tied to a pillar and looking bored out of its mind while their owner focuses on their fitness regimen. Dogs love having your undivided love and attention and not giving it to them can result in a cute moment like this. These two puppies went right ahead and disrupted her workout. Better luck next time.

10. Extra Strength and Extra Likes

These days, going to the gym is about way more than just getting strong and fit. While that is one of the upsides to working out, for many it has become more about taking those perfect Instagram pictures and getting a ton of likes and shares.

hilarious gym moments

sophieaustin97 / Instagram

While exercise does come first for some, more often than not, gym-goers these day are increasingly likely to see fellow patrons hopping on the stairmaster or treadmill for a couple minutes and then proceeding to spend the rest of their time in front of the mirror taking selfies. We’re not saying the young women in this photo are guilty of that, but their hair is pretty flawless and there doesn’t seem to be a drop of sweat on their foreheads.

11. Someone Get Her A Trainer

If anyone in their life ever needed a trainer or even the courage to ask how something works, it’s this girl here. We get that some gym equipment can be tough to grasp upon first look, especially if you’ve never been to a gym. However, couldn’t he have taken a minute to look for the instruction or ask someone for help?

funny gym moments

Cute Fitness Model / Youtube

Any normal person would likely step off the machine after realizing their screw up, walk away from the gym and never return. From the looks of the other gym goers, this girl will never live down this hilarious moment. She’s going to be known as “that girl” all around the gym for the rest of her gym-going life. Resistance (bands) do not need to be futile!

12. Clubbing Or Exercising?

Unless you’re a music video vixen or living by your own rules, high heels and gym attire don’t usually go hand-in-hand on a normal basis. Either we’re looking at some sort of gym and nightclub fusion here yeah or these ladies are taking on an intense workout routine that involves wearing high heels.

hilarious gym moments

ebwellnesscorner / Instagram

When you’ve got your feet decked out in your best pair of stilettos, going on the treadmill or doing a TRX routine has to be brutal. The last thing you’d want to do is lose your balance while your running or strength training. One thing is for sure, if you can work out intensely in heels, you’re probably strong as all heck.

13. Fake It Till You Make It

Anyone who has ever been to a gym knows what it looks like when someone is lifting and truly pushing themselves to the limit, and from we can see that’s what’s going on here although it looks like this weightlifter is barely pumping any iron. Her face isn’t turning red and her forehead is clear of any bulging veins. She is even sporting a mild smile during this photo shoot.

hilarious gym moments

_elizabethfitness Instagram

Her fake stress face is totally understandable. When you’re first starting at the gym, you aren’t going to go headlong into the weights that you can barely lift. However, you still want to look tough. So while you’re lifting that little 10-pound weight, it’s likely you might fake it ’til you make it. 

14. The Ultimate Partner Workout

Once you break into a daily workout routine, you can start feeling pretty darn good about yourself. While that confidence is great, some people begin feeling too high and mighty and may begin to take their workout to a whole new level that has the entire gym looking. 

funny gym moments

ErikBech / Reddit

We’re sure what appears to be an intensive buddy abs workout got quite a lot of looks for it’s, shall we say, unconventional form. This hybrid of acrobatics and aerobics makes for the kind of gym moment we couldn’t help but stare it, but would rather do just that than attempt it ourselves.

15. Staring At Your Own Progress

When you take the gym super seriously and have all the time in the world, you can turn yourself into a spectacle that not only others appreciate, but you do yourself as well. When a muscle man or woman strut their stuff and walk about the gym floor, they don’t represent just any other gym goer working out.

funny gym moments

topmodelstv2 / Reddit

These people are living testaments to what first timers can become. Their progress at the gym is usually someone else’s goal. The proud expression on this young lady’s face says it all. She is fully aware of the positive impact the gym has had on her life.

16. Totally Tubular Gym Gear

Nope, you aren’t looking at a brushed up photo of a group of extras from Olivia Newton-John’s video for the song “Physical.” The ladies rocking this fabulous ’80s fashion styles here are completely of the 21st century. Given that these fashions haven’t been trending since the early 1990s, we’re certain a lot of middle-aged gym goers found themselves on a huge nostalgia trip when these gals entered the room.

hilarious gym moments

getoversubcribed / Instagram

There is absolutely no way that these ladies went to the gym and had a peaceful, uninterrupted workout in that gear. One can only imagine the looks that they got and how many people took photos of them to put on Instagram.

17. Overtly Stoked To Be At The Gym

One of the major upsides to living in a small town that isn’t particularly health conscious is that the gym will hardly ever be packed. While it might not be the first thing you notice, this young lady is the only person at her gym. It isn’t a wonder that she’s in such good shape when you consider the complete freedom she has amid the machines.

funny gym moments

Alexxx3004 / Reddit

Oftentimes, gym-goers face inconveniences like pressure to get off a machine, annoying conversation while trying to focus on working out or dealing with sweaty machines that haven’t been sanitized after the last user. These factors can make a gym experience very tense. Luckily, this lady doesn’t seem to need to worry about anyone bothering her.

18. Lost For Time

We all know these kinds of people. You’ll be pumping way on a machine for about a minute and then they’ll spring up conveniently and ask if you’re almost finished. You’ll say no, but this won’t see them move along. Instead of walking away and finding another machine, they’ll stand right in front of you and wait for you to finish your set.

funny gym moments

nattyorjuice / Reddit

All the while, they’ll be tapping their foot and passive aggressively checking their watch. Some people will quickly give into the pressure and move, but a wise human would slow the pace of their workout and make this person wait longer.

19. Quads Galore

Music festivals here they come! If piggy-back rides are the secret to ripped quads – as this photo seems to indicate – then sign us up! We wonder if they take turns jumping on each other’s shoulders as part of their gym regimens, or if this is simply a one-sided thing. 

hilarious gym moments

git.vikingzz / Instagram 1

One thing is for certain, if we saw this ripped human totem pole at the gym our first instinct would also be to snap a picture, and then ask if we could join on top as the third link in this sculpted spectacle. The only thing that would make this scene better, would be if the base bodybuilder here went into a squat or lunge. 

20. Weights Before Dates

Far from they typical gym attire, a woman lifting in heels and a sundress is definitely something that you don’t see everyday. However, without fail, some people are inclined to go to the gym everyday, it doesn’t matter if they have a hot dating afterward or brunch with friend. And apparently that can leave little time to change clothes.

hilarious gym moments

gymmemesofficial / Instagram

Alternatively, this young lady could have been stood up by her date or brunch friends and just decided to his the weight room straight away. What better way to blow off some emotional steam than to go to the gym and lift your own body weight until your heart’s content?

21. A Proposal In Prime Form

There are few things that could possibly captivate a gym more than when someone decides to pop the question between sets. The lucky lady in question looks as if she just got done doing a fierce amount of squats. No doubt, turning around and seeing her workout partner and soon-to-be life partner down on his knees with a ring is going to catch her off guard.

funny gym moments

Fraker3000 / Reddit

If anyone looks most shocked and blown away by this romantic proposal, it’s the man in the blue workout shorts standing in the background. Mouth agape, he can’t believe what he’s seeing in his kingdom of sweat and grunts. He looks like he’s about to drop his dumbbell.

22. Stability Ball Balancing Act

We’re all gyming at different levels. Some people go there for a half hour and split, others stay basically all day and bulk up. However, this fitness enthusiast takes things to a whole new level. Lifting your own body weight in gym equipment isn’t so impressive when you have this gal balancing herself on stability ball all the while tossing a weight up and down with ease.

funny gym moments

SweatyPalm / Reddit

One has got to take into consideration the months of failing and falls that had to go into mastering this incredible feat. She doesn’t need a spotter or a wall to lean for security, she is one with the stability ball she stands on.

23. Imperial Showdown At The Gym

We’ve all had that horrible moment at the gym when that creepy stormtrooper decides to stand in front of us and stare us down in the middle of our set. What could this imperial guard want from us? Does he want to use our machine? Does he think we have the Death Star plans tucked away in our gym bag somewhere?

hilarious gym moments

soso.glonti / Instagram

Being the silent types, you won’t get much of a response out of a stormtrooper. It’s best to just get off the machine and give him what he wants and hope for the best. God forbid he brings Darth Vader into the mix. That’s when you really know you’re in trouble.

24. Weren’t You Just In The Locker Room?

No gym is complete without its very own pair of patrons twinning up the joint. You know the type – they come together, dress the same and do the same exercises at the same time. While not all gym twins are actually genetically related, one gym in the UK was lucky enough to hand out their membership cards to these two biologically-identical Instagram sensations.

hilarious gym moments

thewesttwins / Instagram

While some twins rebel and push against their likeness, Jennifer and Lucy West (pictured here) have decided to embrace it. It very well didn’t have to be this way. One could have simply chosen not to wear the exact same apparel, but ultimately, they took on the lifestyle together.

25. Getting In a Post-Prom Workout

We can’t help but wonder how this girl’s night parlayed into what seems to be a cleaning session at the gym, especially when she’s decked out in what looks like a prom dress. While she doesn’t look particularly jazzed to be there, she doesn’t look like she’s having the worst time of her life either.

hilarious gym moments

abbeynaumz / Instagram

We’ve seen some pretty original ideas for prom pictures, but this one definitely ranks up there. Forget the scenic backyard photos and elegant red carpet snaps, this modern-day Cinderella (or Cinderella Man-inspired) scene could be summed up by the term “barbelle.” We can only hope she stopped cleaning the mats at some point and made it to the ball.

Sources: YouTube, Instagram

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