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This One-Armed Violinist Has Defied All Odds And Is An Inspiration To Us All

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When Manami Ito was 33-years-old, she was in a terrible car accident. The accident, which occurred 14 years ago, left Ito without her right arm. As devastating as it was, Ito knew she needed to adapt to her new situation and overcome the obstacles in her way. When most people would have decided to give up, Ito decided to chase her dreams anyway.

Life After The Accident

Since the car crash, Ito has accomplished several amazing feats. Not only has she completed her studies to become a certified nurse, gotten married, and given birth to a beautiful daughter, she’s also taken up another unlikely passion: the violin.

Playing the violin with only one arm is challenging, yet Ito knew she wanted to play the beautiful instrument. She initially began playing the violin with a normal prosthetic arm. Then, something entirely changed her career as a violinist. 

Becoming A Star

The normal prosthetic arm Ito would use to play the violin was heavy and cumbersome. Then, she was equipped with a completely new, lightweight prosthetic that propelled her abilities as a musician to new heights.

Today, Ito plays violin around the world, inspiring many people in the process. She is known worldwide as Japan’s only one-armed violinist.

A Multitalented Hero

Ito’s greatness doesn’t stop at the violin. Before pursuing her career in music, other amputees inspired Ito to pursue sports. Just three years after the accident, in 2007, she began swimming.

In 2008, Ito made it to 4th place in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. Then four years later, she took 9th place in the London Paralympics.

Violinist Ito’s story may be unique, but it has one central theme: you should never stop chasing your dreams, no matter what life throws at you.

Check out the video below to see Ito jam on the violin.

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