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Why Online Shopping Companies Know Us So Well

If you’re like us, you love online shopping. Who wants to go to a grocery store or a shopping mall and walk through aisles of food and clothing to find what you want to buy? Instead, you can easily browse through pages and pages of websites and place your orders with the click of a button.

Can science determine the most popular trends in online shopping? Well, actually, yes. A recent study determined the most popular trends in online shopping and the results may shock you.

Increase In Sales

It shouldn’t be surprising that there is an increase in online shopping during the holiday season. Shoppers want to avoid the long lines and busy crowds at shopping centers; therefore, they resort to surfing through multiple online pages and placing their orders. For example, chocolate and greeting card sales increase around Valentine’s Day.

Day By Day Trends

Your online shopping fluctuates, depending on the day you’re ordering products. According to researchers, your food cravings follow weekly patterns. You might be more likely to crave chocolate on Wednesdays to get over the “hump” of the week. In addition, barbecue food sales increase on the weekends for family gatherings. If you own an online store, consider which day to add new products according to these popular trends.

Food Delivery Companies

There are many online food delivery companies, like Postmates, that delivers food, drinks, and groceries to your home or are made available for pickup. These companies are becoming more and more popular. According to researchers, the most-popular delivery request is currently Chipotle. Can you imagine the delicious Mexican food being delivered to your home? It’s heaven on earth, thanks to online companies that work hard to deliver the food you want.

Popularity In College Kids

Researchers have determined that there is an increase in online shopping and deliveries for college students. This is understandable, considering most college students are busy studying and working on class projects. They would much rather have their meals delivered to their residence hall than take the time to drive to the local grocery store.

Timing Is Key

We discussed that there are popular days when online shoppers place their orders, but there are also popular times of the day that show a spike in online sales. For example, coffee sales increase in the morning hours. Sandwich sales are popular at noon, and pizza sales increase at 6 p.m. Finally, online liquor sales are at an all-time high at 7 p.m.

Keep these trends in mind the next time you’re browsing online for your next purchase.


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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved