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Hilarious Times People Got Exactly What They Ordered

Miniature Tent

Sometimes people get exactly what they ordered but not what they wanted…and the results are hilarious! It can happen anywhere, really, from restaurants to stores but the popularity of online shopping has made it happen even more often. Often people fail to read the fine print or trust one of those shady websites promising luxury items for a ridiculously low price. Buyer beware! The following people tried to order things online and in restaurants, only to discover that the person in charge had something completely different in mind. After you finish laughing, learn from their amusing mistakes. When something is too good to be true, that usually means that it is too good to be true.

1. Halloween Trick

When this lady ordered a pair of combat boots for Halloween to match her spooky outfit, she didn’t quite expect these to arrive in the mail. Either she selected the wrong shoe size or she was browsing a website that caters for imaginary tiny people…or Barbie dolls.

Miniature Halloween Boots

It must have either been a huge disappointment to open the package, or she had a major laugh when she discovered her miniature shoes. We know this image had us in stitches as a classic online shopping fail that so many people have fallen victim to.

2. Avocado Affogato

When this person ordered an affogato, they wanted an Italian coffee dessert, which consists of a dollop of vanilla ice cream drenched in a shot of hot espresso. Well, clearly you shouldn’t order such things in a non-Italian restaurant because this is what you’ll get.

Avocado with Ice -Cream Fail

Come on, we can’t really blame the chef. The waiter must have written “avocado” when he heard “affogato.” Kudos to the chef for understanding the ice cream drowned in espresso part. We hope it tasted good in the end… but being honest, it probably didn’t.

3. Surprise Ruined

Attention all retailers and wholesalers: when someone writes important delivery instructions in the order details section online, do not print it on the shipping label! After all, you gotta keep the fun in the surprise otherwise it just isn’t a surprise.

Failed Packaging Label

While they certainly listened to the instructions of keeping the box plain and inconspicuous looking, they made the ultimate blooper with the shipping label. We hope the mother wasn’t there to sign for the delivery when it arrived at the house!

4. Green Is the New White

Almost every woman envisions her perfect wedding dress. Yes, the fairy tale one with the gorgeous white lace and train. While some people like to go to a seamstress or wedding gown boutique, others enjoy risking the online shopping experience and hope for the best.

Failed Chinese Wedding Dress Order

The risk it certainly was for this poor bride. It’s clear that the end product looks nothing like the picture, let alone the fact that it’s green! We could have warned her not to purchase her wedding dress from an online Chinese shop.

5. We’ll Need a Miniature TV to Match

When someone’s roommate ordered a TV stand from Amazon for his new 58-inch flat screen TV, he almost fainted when this tiny thing arrived in the mail. Luckily he was warned about the choking hazard on the packaging, as we’re sure he choked on tears of laughter.

Dolls House Sized TV Stand Cabinet

Either the purchaser didn’t read the description well or the seller left out some important information. Come to think of it, pictures can be deceiving. Either way, this is seriously hilarious! The price must have been too good to be true.

6. Ketchup Sandwich

This might look funny to you, but we’re sure it wasn’t for the hungry woman who just wanted something to eat at McDonald’s. According to the user on Reddit, she “ordered a cheeseburger with only ketchup.” Well, that’s exactly what she received: two dry buns with some ketchup.

Now, most people would have understood what the poor lady meant. She clearly didn’t want mayonnaise, mustard, or any other toppings on her burger, but we’re almost sure she did indeed want the cheeseburger part! But maybe she could have worded the order better… Better luck next time!

7. Cut A Tiny Rug

All this person wanted was a long rug for the entryway to their home; was that too much to ask for? Must be, because this is what arrived in the mail. Indeed, a long rug it is, but of the smaller kind, fit for a doll house.

Rug Turned Bookmark

This person is pretty amazing for seeing the humor in all of this. They turned their online shopping fail into a lovely bookmark! It’s quite a nice idea and resourceful too. The same can’t be said for some of the other epic fails on this list!

8. Camping Gone Small

This dude over here bought a tent for a festival and soon realized it was way to small. What did he do? He proceeded to take it to a festival anyway and seems to have had a lot of fun with it!

Miniature Tent

Instead of complaining about the seller’s error or feeling dumb for not reading the fine print well enough, he turned it into a hilarious way to enjoy the festival. Let’s hope he didn’t stay in there too long. It doesn’t seem too roomy.

9. I’ll Have Some Sour Cream on the Side

Technically she did ask for sour cream on the side, so the cooks and other employees at Taco Bell didn’t get it completely wrong. After all, it’s all about perspective, so if you’re going to ask for something on the side it might be best to explain in detail.

Mayonnaise on the Side

We know for sure that it tasted the exact same, so the most she could have done is gone to ask for a little bit more sour cream, and this time served in a little container on the side. You got to have some sympathy for the staff over there; they have to smell all the good food on shift but can’t eat it, so no wonder their minds get a bit foggy.

10. Fashion Fails

When you order a dress and it turns up as a shirt, that ain’t cool. Plaid shirts and other garments are all the rage now, but it’s probably best to buy such clothing items in a store to avoid a travesty like this.

Online Shopping Fail - Shirt for Dress

Whoever ordered it could still pull off this shirt pretty nicely over a white camisole and a pair of jeans, but she must have been really bummed when she saw it looked nothing like the dress in the picture. Sigh, the joys of ordering online!

11. Christmas Greetings

When this man wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas with a cute mug, he was seriously misled by the demo image or didn’t read the item description closely enough. He believed the mug’s color would change from a black to a blue Christmas scene, but that’s not quite what he received.

Christmas Mug Fail

It must have been really strange for his wife to unwrap the packaging only to find the exact demo image instead of a festive color-changing Christmas scene. He tried to get his money back because of the terrible advertising. Now that’s what you call an epic fail!

12. A Pop Culture Mishap

This person’s mother thought she was spoiling herself with a cheap pair of hip gold metallic leggings, but clearly, she wasn’t familiar with the Bratz dolls. It must have been sidesplitting when she received her tiny package in the mail.

Leggings Far Too Small

It’s safe to say her daughter thought it was hilarious because she posted it on Twitter saying, “My mom thought she ordered some cheap leggings for herself and this came in the mail. LMAO i’m done with life.” Not to worry though mom, it’s probably for the best. Metallic leggings aren’t for everyone…

13. Thank You, Sainsbury’s!

Suzanne Bradish wasn’t impressed when Sainsbury’s took the liberty to substitute her order for a bouquet of flowers with green onions. It happened because the flowers she ordered were out of stock. We don’t think she wanted to decorate her home with a vegetable, though.

When you Get Herbs Instead of Flowers

The best part of this epic fail online shopping order is that the store’s staff thought it’s totally acceptable to make such a substitute without consulting with the customer first. What’s even funnier is that it says they are always trying to improve their service at the bottom of the invoice.

14. Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

When a man paid $75 anticipating to receive his Xbox One game and received a faded piece of paper instead, life couldn’t have been more depressing. Just look how devastated he looks holding up his failed purchase for the world to see.

Fake XBox One Game

We’re not sure if he’s more devastated about being scammed and losing money, or for the fact that he still doesn’t have his beloved game in his hands. We seriously hope the con artist used some of the stolen money and invested in a better printer and new ink.

15. An Autocorrect Fail

Birthday cakes are the most important thing for parties, especially for a 21st birthday, but unfortunately for Laura, things went awry just because of an unfortunate autocorrect error. Her mother seemed to have been stressed and in such a hurry to place the order, that she didn’t proofread her message.

Epic Fail Birthday Cake

What’s even funnier is that the baker didn’t find the request to use a blind girl even a “wee” bit weird. Nevertheless, we have to congratulate the bakery for their creative skills and we’re sure the cake tasted really good. We’re certain that she must have meant a “wee blonde girl…”

16. School Prep

All she wanted to do was order a Converse backpack for her nephew before he started school, but this is what arrived instead! It was so incredibly small that in order to give people some perspective, she put it on her cat.

A Rucksack Too Small

At least the cat scored a little school bag for the new year, or a place to hide his treats and any mice he can catch. The cat seemed to be the winner in this epic fail. So, for next time- If the price is too good to be true, it probably is…

17. All Pocketed Out

Clothing always seems to look good on the model, but not on regular people. This problem is even worse when ordering online from dubious online stores. How many times have you ordered clothing online and it looks nothing like the picture on the website?

Pockets Much

It’s such a pity the pockets came up too high because they look super cute and snugly in the picture and are definitely useful, but certainly not all the way up there. At least she found this online purchasing fail quite funny!

18. For Creating The World’s Tiniest Salad

It’s quite amazing that one can get items like a chopping board and knife in miniature sizes. It must be really fun to play with doll houses for those who are collectors, but it wasn’t so fun for the customer who needed some normal-sized kitchen items.

Wooden Chopping Board and Knife

Luckily, miniature food prep has become quite a hit lately, so maybe she can resell these tiny items to someone who can actually use them. Otherwise, this lady will just have to give these goodies to a child to use during playtime.

19. The Dress from Hell

Annie Bleiler over here decided to order a magnificent dress for prom, one that could even pass for a wedding dress. What she received in the post looked absolutely nothing like the advertised picture. Just look at the disappointment in her eyes!

Failed Prom Dress

She even admitted that she should have never ordered from China, but we could have told her that. We also have to point out that we’ve seen that image pinned again and again on Pinterest, so surely she should have picked up on the signs.

20. It’s All in the Title

Yes, even kids can use a fancy lounge chair, but this man surely should have figured something was wrong from the start. When the title says “boys arm chair” then it must mean it was designed for children, right? Right? Well, apparently not.

Got the Dimensions All Wrong

It even looks rather tiny in the picture, but hey, at least he didn’t have to pay for shipping. Best of all, he still managed to squeeze into the chair so it won’t totally go to waste. Let’s hope he has someone to gift the chair to.

21. Salad Gone Wrong

When this person ordered a tomato salad with feta cheese, she was definitely referring to something along the lines of chopped tomatoes and feta cheese. Someone in the kitchen must have never heard of a salad before. But at least they got the ingredients right…

Tomato Salad

Not only does it look like the tomato is wearing sunglasses, we think it’s hilarious that this restaurant’s interpretation of a tomato salad consists of a single tomato stuffed with some feta cheese and olives. We hope she managed to clear things up and didn’t leave the restaurant starving.

22. It’s All in the Fine Print

We guess the buyer didn’t read the fine print of “stuffing not included” when ordering this teddy bear online. Our best advice is to read the product descriptions from top to bottom when ordering online to avoid an epic fail like this one.

Teddy Bear Fails

On the other hand, the picture definitely looks different than what was received. The seller should have made it really clear about the product. The bow on item no. 807963 also looks very different to the one this person received.

23. Large Breed Dilemmas

The buyers claim that the company they ordered from missed the mark when it came to sizing for large breed dogs. That might be the case, but surely they should have measured their dog and compared it to the sizing chart on the website first.

Online Shopping Fail for Dog

That will teach them to consult with their furry friend first, before making fashion forward choices for him. We think he’d look good in a bright color just to make his sheer size and adorable face stand out even more.

24. Would You Like Fruit with Your Salad?

When ordering fruit salad in Marrakesh, be sure to be specific that you want chopped fruit mixed together. This man shared how he ordered a fruit salad while visiting Morocco, and this is what was placed in front of him.

Fruit Salad Epic Fail

The waiter must have misunderstood the salad part, or the menu translated into English got it all mixed up. It’s safe to say this man enjoyed some of the fruit in spite of the mix up. It might be a cultural thing to place a plate of uncut fruit in front of someone, who knows?

25. Double What?

Indeed, this is what one man received when he ordered a double espresso…uhmm we’ll just leave it at that! Well, some might say “so what, who cares” seeing that he did technically get a double espresso, but come on! Doesn’t everyone, even non-baristas, know what a double espresso it?

Double Espresso

Whoever prepared or served this coffee probably isn’t familiar with the term “double shot” and other food jargon. We have one suggestion for this person and we hope he or she takes it, and fast: find another day job! Or maybe the barista was just distracted by trying to write this customer’s ridiculous name…

26. Lady in Red

Red does really look good on both these ladies, but let’s be honest here: the dress she got in the mail looks nothing like the one in the picture. Firstly, she got the short end of the stick with a cheap-looking prom dress.

Lady in Red

The next bone we have to pick with this online retailer is that the manufacturer made the dress from what looks like an old parachute someone found lying in a field and sewed it together with some cheap lace. When will humanity ever learn?!

27. Extra Frosting Anyone?

“Would you like a cinnamon roll with your frosting” should be the caption for this picture! Wow, when this woman’s husband asked for extra frosting at Hardee’s, he definitely didn’t think they’d completely drown it in the stuff until you couldn’t even see the cinnamon bun.

Extra Frosting Anyone

We wonder how he was even able to lift eat it without getting his hands covered in all the muck. His stomach must have also seriously hurt after practically having to drink the frosting in order to bite into the bun.

28. Trust the Seller

We think it’s best to buy a phone cover in store rather than ordering one online. That way you know exactly what you’re getting and not a man’s face covered with what looks like cake or a sandwich of some type.

Phone Cover Fail

Well to look on the bright side, at least the cover fit his phone. But seriously, why did this person order such a strange phone cover anyway; unless that’s him and his friend. How awkward would it have been if he ordered it as a gift for his friend and the piece of cake was covering the friend’s face.

29. Triple Margarita

Okay, so this lady asked for a strawberry, pomegranate, and mango margarita mixed together; not three different cocktails! Maybe when you’re drunk, it’s better to go with the simplest choice of all in case the bartender is drunk too. But either way, she got her drinks at least.

Alcohol Order Gone Wrong

We hope she only had to pay for one in the end, but it looks like she had a great deal of fun sipping all her drinks at the same time with her nifty straw-drinking technique she’s got going on over there.

30. When Size Really Matters

When this guy ordered a small orange juice, he didn’t have this kind of size in mind. Yep, this poor guy over here was served a drink the size of a salt shaker!  It might look like a normal size in the picture, but come to think of it, the salt shaker looks huge, so it’s all just an illusion.

Small Not Miniature

We hope he wasn’t extremely thirsty, as that would have him ordering the largest glass the restaurant had, which probably wasn’t that big if the small size is anything to go by. Let’s hope he sent it right back to the kitchen.

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