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This Adorable Online Trend Combines Adele With Gummy Bears, And We Can’t Stop Watching

While using TikTok, much like the now-defunct Vine, users can share short videos on whatever they want. The videos use music or audio from a popular video clip and users lipsync while adding their own creative flair or sketches. In a TikTok challenge sweeping the Internet, users have taken to a new idea: gummy bears singing to Adele!

Someone Like You

People online have been having fun with what’s been dubbed the “Haribo Challenge.” Set to a live version of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” the challenge is pretty simple. It just requires A LOT of gummy bears.

Users set up a single gummy bear (aka Adele) which appears to sing the first words of the song’s chorus. Then, as the audience finishes the line,” users pan their camera over to a huge crowd of gummy bears. Literally, hundreds of them. The challenge was inadvertently started by David Kaspřák who had no idea it would go viral like this. Now, many others are trying their hand at it.

Waste Not, Want Not?

Users of the app are all-in with this challenge, buying bags and bags of gummy bears to outdo other users. A group of friends had a whopping 1,800 gummy bears spread out throughout a kitchen and on the counters.

The Haribo Challenge has gotten so big that employees at TikTok have taken notice. The social media team jokingly shared on Twitter, “Pls stop wasting gummy bears.” They soon followed up with, “or at leasts [sic] share them with us.” Of course, workers at Haribo aren’t complaining about all of these purchases, though!

Creative Liberties

The challenge has gotten so big that it’s inspired people to revamp the idea. Instead of using gummy bears, others have thought to use stuffed animals and paper cranes.

Whether you use gummy bears, toys, or even your own sneaker collection, you’ve definitely got to try out this challenge. A little tedious to set everything up perhaps, but the final result is worth it!

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