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The Optical Illusion Dog That’s Blowing People’s Minds All Over The Internet

Optical illusions are often very clever works of art that are designed to make you question what’s in front of your eyes. Last year’s “is it black, is it gold?” dress was a famous example of that kind of illusion. However, there is another form of optical illusion, one that takes place by sheer chance, and this is one of those.

Meet The Wonky Dog

This photo of a dog appeared on Reddit recently. It was posted by the user chadwalk. He called it “the optical illusion dog.”

If your brain is destroyed by this, don’t worry; ours were too. It’s a really hard photo to get your head around, and it’s why the image has gone viral – everyone is struggling to make sense of it.

Here’s What’s Really Happening

Animal lovers can relax. This isn’t a sadly deformed dog at which people are poking fun. It’s a perfectly normal dog at an unusual angle. As, hopefully, the illustration below will prove.

Yes, chadwalk’s dog is just posed at an angle that we’re not familiar with and our brains struggle to give that image shape. So, the brain is happy to invent some data to help you make better sense of things.

Optical Illusions Like This Aren’t Uncommon

You might think that accidental optical illusions are unusual and this is a one-off occurrence but what about this photo below?

This person’s dog has timed his arrival in the photograph so well that the owner herself looks like an extra from Star Wars or Star Trek. In fact, we found that accidental optical illusions are amazingly common. This may, of course, have something to do with the fact that since the advent of the smartphone – people have started to take more than 1 trillion photos a year!

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