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This Optical Illusion Tells You How Old You Really Are

Do you think you have a sharp mind? There is one way to gauge how young or old your mind really is, simply by viewing an optical illusion.

The Eyes Don’t Lie

You rely on your eyes to interpret visual information about the world around you. Once light reaches your retinas, you begin to utilize the power of sight. But, did you realize that you may experience age-related bias based on what you realize with your eyes?

It turns out that people who are younger may notice things related to their age group which older people may tend to ignoreand vice versa. In a study involving 400 participants ranging from ages 18 to 68, an optical illusion helped determine the age of participants’ brains.

Your Brain Age Revealed

There is a familiar and commonly shared optical illusion, showing either the face of a young woman or an older woman. What face your brain and eyes see first says a lot about the age of your brain.

Wikimedia Commons

Younger people tend to see the young woman’s face and have a hard time making out an older woman. Older people tend to see the older woman whose hair is covered with a scarf first.

Understanding The Science

Ageism really is a proven phenomenon. And this optical illusion helps perfectly illustrate how people naturally tend toward age-related bias.

People’s brains have a tendency to relate more to people who are similar to them. They readily discard information about anyone or anything that they are unable to relate to and make a connection with them. This optical illusion may be used to explain why some old people just don’t get it, or why some young people seem so aloof. It’s just a matter of the human brain’s nature and social organization.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved