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Organ Donation To Thank For Couple’s Unique, Inspiring Love Story

Poet John Keats wrote that love is “two hearts that beat as one.” For Taylor Givens, 24, and Collin Kobelja, 30, this quote has a special meaning after undergoing life-saving heart operations at the same hospital—right next door to one another. Click through to see how their lifesaving love story blossomed.

From The Very Beginning

Collin Kobelja had heart surgery as a toddler. Years later, in 2011, he went into INOVO Fairfax Hospital of Virginia for a second operation that would change his life.

A Kindred Spirit In The Next Room

In a nearby room, Taylor Givens, recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart, was waiting to receive a heart transplant. She had no idea what would happen next…

Another Chance At Life

From a donation, Givens received a transplant on the same day Kobelja underwent his surgery. “The transplant changed my life,” she said. In more ways than one…

Playing Hard To Get

Givens and Kobelja didn’t talk, but their families did. Learning about Kobelja, Givens wanted to meet him, but he wasn’t interested at the time.

Connecting Through Social Media

Kobelja moved to San Diego. The two connected on social media but didn’t meet until 2016 when he visited INOVO to thank the transplant team.

A Second Meeting

Givens was at the hospital after having her tonsils removed and asked Kobelja to visit her. This chance encounter resulted in a long-distance relationship.

A Change In Plans

Kobelja made plans to move to Virginia after graduating from the University of California-Irvine. But before his move, the couple learned some troubling news…

A New Tragedy Arises

Givens was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma, a violent cancer caused by her body’s reaction to her heart transplant. But, the two didn’t lose hope.

In It Together

Kobelja took Givens to every infusion. “When I was sick and throwing up at 2 a.m. in the morning, he was sitting up with me,” she said.

Two Hearts As One

Givens is currently in remission and the two are planning a wedding. They hope their love story influences others to consider organ donation. If it wasn’t for the transplants, Givens and Kobelja never would have met.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved