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Orphaned Baby Chimpanzee Bonds With His Rescuer And It’s The Most Adorable Thing Ever

In February 2018, the Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center in Congo received word of a baby chimpanzee being held illegally. Lwiro Primates has a team of pilots whose job, in part, is to scan the Virunga National Park on a daily basis, looking for poachers. They work together with teams on the ground to stop poachers from killing animals in the park. Lwiro sent in one of their pilots, Anthony Caere, to retrieve the chimp and bring him back to their rehabilitation center. What happened next is pretty much the reason the internet was invented. You’ll soon see why!

The Congo

Chimpanzee families are found all throughout the Congo, and Virunga National Park is home to their very own resident chimpanzees. These great apes, along with two types of gorillas, are endangered and in need of protection both inside and outside the park.


Poachers kill adult chimpanzees for bushmeat, steal their babies and sell them for thousands of dollars on the black market. “Mussa’s family was certainly killed, maybe just the mum, but probably they killed several members of the family. Is not possible to take a baby from the arms of her/his mum without killing her, because as in humans, mothers will do anything possible to protect their offspring,” said Lwiro Primates Technical Director Itsaso Velez del Burgo .

To The Rescue

Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center is located in Congo and is home to more than 200 orphaned chimps. They were happily waiting for the new baby chimpanzee’s arrival and welcomed him with open arms.

The Plane Ride

Mussa, the orphaned chimp, rode in the pilot’s seat with Caere. He was curious and nervous on the trip to his new home, but Caere pet him and snuggled with him on the ride and made him feel so comfortable that he fell asleep on the pilot’s lap.

Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park spans 3,000 square miles, making it the largest biologically diverse protected area in Africa. It’s home to three types of great apes: mountain gorillas, lowland gorillas, and chimpanzees.

Anthony Caere’s Job

Anthony Caere leads a team of four Air Wing pilots who work for Virunga National Park. They work together with anti-poaching teams on the ground to stop poachers. The team also supports rangers, carries out surveys for wildlife census, and performs medical evacuations. Saving Mussa was something he does quite a bit and he was Caere’s third chimp save this year.

An Instagram Star

Caere shared his footage of the National Park through his Instagram page, encouraging his viewers to be kind to our beautiful planet. He shares his love for wildlife and nature and inspires his followers to do their part to save the animals.

Dangerous Living

Chimpanzees are not the only animals in the park threatened by poachers. Elephants and gorillas are also popular victims of poachers looking to make money off of their illegal kills.

An Adorable Image

Mussa is adjusting well to his new home. He’s laughing and playing, which are both good signs for his health and his future. He’s also discovered he loves tomatoes!

How You Can Help

There are a couple of ways you can pitch in and help the chimpanzees and the other animals who live in Virunga National Park. You can donate to the park itself to support their effort, you can help the Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center by donation, and you can spread the word to your family and friends about how important their efforts are for these important animals.

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