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Orthopedic Surgeon Shows Off Amazing Singing Voice Between Surgeries

Surgery is a stressful procedure, not only for the patient but for everyone involved. Dr. Elvis Francois, a resident orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota shows off how he relieves stress between operations.

orthopedic surgeon

Elvis Francois

Singing his own rendition of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” in a cappella inside an operating room, the singing doctor has received praises and harsh criticism from the general public.

The orthopedic surgeon believes that music helps bring comfort to his patients, after hearing him sing just one stanza of a song. We believe him!

orthopedic surgeon

Mayo Clinic

Humans have long known that music and laughter soothe the soul. There are many doctors worldwide who advocate this.

The case with Dr. Francois may not be that extreme unless Simon Cowell picks him up for a record deal after watching the video. It’s not altogether a long shot, there is definitely a lot of emotion and talent coming out of those pipes. Some say his rendition is actually better than the popular Michael Buble version.

There are a lot of bashers commenting how it was totally irresponsible of the orthopedic surgeon to create a video selfie singing in the operating room. It seems these people did not look into it to find out that video was filmed in between surgeries and not during one.

orthopedic surgeon

Elvis Francois

Uninformed commenting aside, performing two surgeries in one day is a daunting task. Spine surgeries even more so, it lasts for hours and is always dangerous. But for Elvis, I mean Dr. Elvis Francois, he definitely knows how to relieve the pressure, not only for himself, but for his staff, and his patients. He shares it with the rest of us.

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