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Curious Otters Photobomb A Marriage Proposal, And It’s ‘Otterly’ Fantastic

When it’s time to propose to that certain someone, some grooms go for romance. You know, flowers, candles, champagne. Others go for tradition. Some people want to think of the most wildly creative way to ask for a hand in marriage. In this case, one potential groom got a guest star appearance from a group of otters. We’d say, “I do!” to these sweet eavesdroppers!

You Otter Be In Pictures

While British sweethearts Jordan Doyle and Mary Lister enjoyed a vacation in Singapore together, Doyle planned his proposal during an otter-viewing outing.


Doyle told the BBC, “I’d had the ring with me for a while and Mary is a huge fan of otters, so I thought to myself, ‘right, this is the time to propose.'”

Sure! Sounds like a simple enough plan.

A Moment To Remember

Sure enough, Doyle popped the question, only to be joined by a cluster of otters apparently eager to learn the response.


Photographer Benard Seah captured the magical moment on film. As you can see, Doyle is down on one knee with Lister’s hand in his, while the otters look on, perhaps with their own thoughts on the size of the rock. Lister looks delighted, but mildly distracted by the mammals gathering around her.

Otterly Adorable

These otters are known as the Bishan 10. They are a family of otters who has become a beloved attraction in Marina Bay. Though they are urban-dwelling, they’re traditionally shy around humans.

Jeffrey Teo

Except when it comes to emotional moments. Apparently, the otters stuck around the newly engaged couple for about three minutes! Thanks to Seah, the couple will have that moment captured in time.

Well, good luck, Mary and Jordan! We can only imagine which creatures will show up on their honeymoon.

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