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Outsmart Your Smartphone With These Simple Device Hacks

Let’s face it, sometimes it can feel like our smartphones have outsmarted us. With all of the features and functions your phone performs on a daily basis, it can be easy to miss out on some of the more hidden tricks. Read on for tips to help you navigate the digital world your way…


Kiss My Ads

Tired of ads popping up in the middle of your games? The fix is simple; put your phone on airplane mode when using apps that don’t require internet connection.


A Smartphone Never Forgets

Wifi passwords can be easy to forget. Phones remember them, we don’t. Luckily, there is Android app which automatically compiles them into in a simple, accessible list.


Talk To Me, Baby

Ever wish you could send an automatic text response to any missed caller? Go to Settings, choose Phone, then Respond with Text. Enter your custom message and enjoy!


Make Room For Guests

If someone needs to use your Android, worry not; they don’t have to have access to your personal info. Simply tap the User icon, then tap Guest.


Anonymous Caller

Whether you’re on a top-secret mission or just a prank call, staying anonymous can be valuable. To surpass caller ID, simply dial #31# before calling.


Sing Me To Sleep

Like listening to music before bed, but hate wasting battery? The solution is simple. Go to Timer, set it, then select the Stop Playing option under When Timer Ends.


Multi-Tasking While Movie-Making

If you want to capture a shot while taking a video, there is no need to stop filming. Simply tap the button on the lower-left of the screen.


Beam Me Up, Scotty

Thanks to this cool Android feature, you can easily send content to any phone nearby. Simply hit Share, choose Android beam, and hold the phones back-to-back.


Kickin’ It Old School

Few know this, but Androids actually support mouses and keyboards. Just use any USB on-the-go cable as an adaptor, and voila! Your phone is now a computer.



Developers have released a new Android app that sets your password to whatever time the lockscreen displays. With this, you can keep strangers out at no risk of forgetting!

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