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Owl Is Ready For Bath, But His Reaction To The Squirt Bottle Will Crack You Up

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Owls are absolutely remarkable creatures. Their huge eyes and ability to turn their necks with amazing agility make them superior nighttime predators. Rarely do we get to see these birds up close and personal, but one viral video is showing the world a playful side to these mysterious animals.


One owl named Curbie was in for a pleasant, refreshing surprise. His owner took out a squirt bottle to quench his thirst, and the bird flew right over once he spotted it.

It didn’t take long for Curbie to open his mouth and get a quick drink, but this owl didn’t want to stop there.

A Refreshing Drink

After taking a few sips from the spray bottle, he started to make other plans. The Internet was in for a very sweet surprise.

Simply sipping some water wasn’t enough for Curbie. This owl was in the mood for a bath. What he did next was so effortlessly majestic, viewers couldn’t believe Curbie’s owner caught it on camera.

Spread ‘Em

After he was spritzed for a moment by his owner, it was obvious the animal was enjoying himself. Instead of flying away, Curbie decided to enjoy a nice bath.

Curbie lifted and spread his wings impressively wide. The owl’s owner was able to reach all of his feathers this way, and Curbie was enjoying every single moment.

Every Feather Soaked

This owl wanted to make sure the water covered every single feather, and his next move was beyond adorable.

Curbie proceeded to stick out his behind so his owner could complete his shower. The owl was quick to fly away once his bath was over, but the few moments we get to see Curbie in his playful habitat are priceless. Wild animals can be unpredictable, but Curbie’s routine is nothing short of sweet!

Watch the entire adorable clip below:

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