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Paradise Found: This Tropical Island Lets You Play With Puppies On The Beach

Imagine your idea of the perfect tropical vacation. Sun. Sand. Surf. Relaxation. Now imagine it with puppies. Yes, this does sound like a dream, yet no, it’s not fictional. In sunny Turks and Caicos, you can spend your days on the beach playing with rescue puppy Potcakes in need of love and affection. So… have you started packing yet?

The Puppies of Providenciales

Hey, the Carribean is already as close to paradise as you can get. From the crystal water to the white-sand beaches, it’s a tropical heaven on earth. However, at Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, there’s an extra feature of awesomeness: puppies. If you decide to vacation there, you can play with adoptable pups native to the islands. While this sounds like a dream for most humans, it’s also pretty great for the dogs.

The Island’s Precious Potcakes

These puppy-human playdates are put together by an organization called Potcake Place. Through them, you can take a canine out on the beach with food, water, and supplies all provided for free. However, these dogs aren’t your typical American breeds. They’re called Potcakes, a unique mix of German Shepard, Labrador, and Fox Terrier. They got their name from the way Carribean locals often fed them, giving them the leftover peas and rice at the bottom of cooking pots. And boy, do they love people!

Building The Pups Character

Potcakes are often high-energy and eager to please. When vacationers spend a day cuddling with these canines, they get the sort of human interaction that prepares them for adoption. It helps the pups learn how to socialize while also filling their daily lives with love, affection, and gratification. Essentially, you get the chance to have tons of fun while also supporting an incredible cause. And just because your trip ends doesn’t mean your connection with your Potcake has to.

Becoming A Potcake Parent

One of the goals of Potcake Place is to make sure their sheltered Potcakes find homes. Many times, tourists can be the sort of incredible puppy parents they’re looking for! If you’re truly interested in adopting a Potcake, you can do so fairly easily and free-of-charge through Potcake Place. Of course, it requires a background check. They want to make sure each of their canines will find their way to a healthy, happy home.

A Doggie Destination From Heaven

So, if you’re a dog lover, you might want to consider a trip to Providenciales for your next vacation. It’s perfect if you simply want to play with a dog or if you want to bring one home. You can’t go wrong with one of these precious, puppy-playdate destinations. It’s always a win-win for both the people and the dogs seeking homes. So, a beach vacation where you can frolic with and help puppies…have you bought your tickets yet?

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