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Paralyzed Girl Overwhelms Family When She Moves Hand in Front of Them

Georgia Rawlings, an 18 year old girl from Lincoln, East Midlands got paralyzed after suffering from an accident but surprises her family by moving her left wrist.

According to reports from Caters News, Georgia was playing in the local park’s bucket swing when she “snapped her neck in four places when she fell backwards.” Doctors attending the little girl explained that, “she would never be able to walk again and did not expect her to regain movement or sensation lower than her chest.”

The paralyzed woman went through some intensive surgery after suffering from the dreaded accident. She was initially rushed to Nottingham hospital, Queen’s Medical Center but was later transferred to Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital for spinal surgery.

Her mom Michelle Rawlings, 44, reports that Georgia was in and out of sleep after the surgery and throughout Sunday. She also mentioned that Gee, as what she is known, was in severe pain the entire day. Caters News also mentions Michelle saying, “She suddenly started screaming in pain and complaining of cramp in her right leg which in itself was astonishing because she has never felt her legs since the incident.”

Gee’s immediate recovery after her surgery was surprising as she was able to raise her left hand a little. Her mother including a stepmom started videoing the hand movement.

It is entirely possible that Georgia will regain some sensation from her chest down, but doctors have been skeptical if she will ever regain her normal bodily movement.

Her fractured neck vertebrae has damaged her spinal cord which impedes relay of neurons to the brain. Although this might be an unfortunate incident, the fact that she was able to move a body part proves to be a miracle at work.

Her mom was even awed with her daughter’s fighting spirit and says, “I can’t stop watching the footage. It is just amazing, remarkable. She has really defied the odds.”

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