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5 Solid Parenting Hacks Every Mom And Dad Needs In Their Life Right Now

No matter how many parenting books exist, there isn’t an expert guidebook for how to be the perfect mom or dad. Every child is different, requiring parents to think outside the box in terms of coming up with ingenious ways to raise them right and keep them out of trouble. Here are 5 clever parenting hacks that should help most of you out!

Fun In The Sun

Parents won’t have to worry about their child eating sand or getting messy at the beach with this inventive parenting hack. One mother used an old fitted sheet to guard her child and their beach supplies. The baby could still play and be present at the beach, but no one had to worry about her eating the sand!

Instagram via @officialemmasdiary

Soundproofing Your Kid’s Toys

Sometimes your kid’s toys can be annoyingly loud, especially if the device repeats its musical tones over and over again. If you’re tired of hearing your kid’s toys constantly throughout the day, stick a piece of Scotch tape over the speaker. This will soften the volume of the toys to a more reasonable volume.

Instagram via @mommingonpurpose

Bubbles Forever

One of the best memories from your childhood might be blowing bubbles in the summertime sun. However, what happened when you ran out of solution? Unfortunately, the fun stopped. Luckily, a parent has created a clever drink dispenser with bubble solution, so children could easily refill their cups. The fun doesn’t have to stop now!


Helping Hands

Young children always want to help their parents with house projects. They want to feel as though they are contributing. This parent decided to give his/her child a bucket full of water and a paintbrush. The child was told to “paint” the fence while the parent worked outside. The child was occupied and felt like he was helping!

Instagram via @macshona

Keeping Them Busy

Kids like to play with everything they can get their hands on around the house. They can be satisfied with a flashlight or a calculator for hours. This parent kept his/her child occupied with a sturdy board filled with common household objects kids love to grab. This will keep your child happy and in one place!

teachezofpeachez via Imgur

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