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5 Partners Who Are Killing The Holiday Gift-Giving Game

Buying the perfect gift isn’t easy. Often, it’s harder to find presents for your partner. That’s your person, your teammate, the one person you love more than anything. You want to get it right so badly that you get all up in your head about it. Maybe you can learn something from these thoughtful partners who managed to discover the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones.

An Angel for Christmas

Buzzfeed reader Denise shared a story about a Christmas when money was tight, describing how she and her husband made their ornaments and visited the thrift store for secondhand Christmas cheer.

In spite of their financial situation, Denise’s husband bought her an angel topper that’s still used to top their tree, 23 years after they made the purchase together.

Sentimental Jewelry

One contributor named Sarah described how her husband took the standard gift of jewelry for Christmas and brought it to the next level. He bought her a necklace with five engraved hearts featuring the initial of all the people—and creatures—she loved the most. In addition to her husband’s initial, the other hearts memorialized her darling dog, her nieces and nephews, and the best friend Sarah lost to depression.

Worth a Thousand Words

Some partners chose to give their lovers the gift of memories. Hayley was an avid collector of old cameras thanks to her grandfather. In the spirit of Christmas, she talked about how her boyfriend gifted her with a Polaroid camera.

Her boyfriend also encouraged her to take the first photo with her grandpa. That created a memory that Hayley cherished after losing her grandfather to cancer.

A Bundle of Joy

Jennifer Dickinson received perhaps the best Christmas gift from her partner: a precious baby girl. The mom of two boys gave birth to daughter Kylee at 12:15 AM on December 25.

Jennifer and her husband Aaron essentially gave each other the best gift in the ultimate show of teamwork. Not only that, but they also gifted their young sons with a baby sister.

A Writer’s Dream

Some gifts outlasted the relationships that inspired them. Another Buzzfeed reader gushed over the typewriter given to her by her now-ex one Christmas.

The relationship ended, but that typewriter made magic for years afterward. What writer doesn’t dream of an old-fashioned typewriter?

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