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This Is What Happened When Passengers In A Car Littered In Front Of This Biker

Throwing trash on the ground isn’t a good look for anyone. Not only does littering have serious consequences for our environment, but it also reflects poorly on our cities. One biker in Russia decided to take matters into his own hands and confront a littering driver.

The Incident

You’re enjoying a bike ride one day on the streets of Moscow, Russia. All of a sudden a McDonald’s cup comes flying out of a car window at you. Aside from the shock of having something being thrown at you, you start to think about how horrible it is that someone could throw trash right outside on the street. Not only could you have been seriously hurt if you swerved into traffic, but you’ve also just watched someone litter in plain sight.


Taking a stand, the biker springs into action, picking up the cup and returning it to the littering van driver.

Why Littering Is A Big Problem

The Keep America Beautiful organization reports that the majority of the liter in America is attributed to motorists at 53%. Pedestrians account for 23% and improperly covered loads, debris from vehicles and spillage from receptacles make up the remaining contributors. According to the organization, “The cost of litter is substantial. Litter has a number of negative consequences, including substantial costs to business and government, and reduced property values. Estimates for the cost of litter show that $11.5 billion are spent on abatement and clean-up activities each year, and this number probably underestimates the true costs.”

Clean Europe Network

According to their findings, keeping streets, parks, and roadways clean is the best way to combat littering. People are more likely to litter in environments already filled with litter. People are far less likely to throw trash in beautiful, clean environments. These findings show beautification efforts are our planet’s greatest defense.

The Hero Goes Viral

The litter fighting superhero in Moscow took his own stand for clean streets. The biker was recorded on video catching up to the van. They returned the discarded McDonald’s cup to the driver and the video has since gone viral. The sharing of this video brings light to the dirty issue impacting us all.

Daily Mail

Hopefully acts like this will empower more people to think twice before throwing trash on the ground.

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