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Pastor Rescues Pets Abandonded in Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Florence hit the east coast, it brought with it historic and catastrophic rainfall. The storm was so powerful that it destroyed homes and businesses, displaced families, and, tragically, caused multiple casualties, including a North Carolina woman and her infant. Ahead of the storm, people in the Carolinas and Virginia were urged to take the hurricane seriously and cautiously prepare for the worst. For some, that meant having to adhere to emergency evacuations in their area.

Hurricane Florence Causes Massive Flooding and Destruction

One of the most critical aspects of storm preparation and evacuation people were reminded of was to safely seek shelter, not only for themselves but for their pets as well. Sadly, it seems some were not in such a position to do so.

The Atlantic

Luckily, there were other people willing to help save the animals left behind by their families.

Pastor Saves Animals Abandoned By Families

“This is what people have been worried about, storm surge, water coming in,” Adriana Diaz reported for CBS Evening News. “Being pushed in from the Atlantic. We’re twenty miles inland right now, but it’s still flooding.”

While covering the flood, Diaz came across one Pastor who was willing to do whatever it took to save some of the kittens and dogs that were abandoned in flooded areas.


When unfortunate events such as Hurricane Florence happen, one of the few silver linings is being able to see just how many people are willing to lend a helping hand and go out of their way to offer their assistance when and wherever it’s most needed.

Importance of Pet Safety In Natural Disasters

This pastor is just one of many stories about animals being rescued during Hurricane Florence.


And while this feel-good story is a pleasant reminder of the good that can come from tragedy, it also underscores the importance of families taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of their pets in the event of an emergency.

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