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How Paul Walker’s Generosity Changed An Iraq War Veteran’s Life Forever

Kyle and Kristen Upham, from Victorville, California, had just gotten engaged. They were in their favorite jewelry store picking out a ring for Kristen when they noticed someone else in the store with them. They recognized the man as famous actor Paul Walker. The couple was a little starstruck, but Kyle finally got the nerve to walk over and introduce himself.

An Expensive Investment

When he was finished talking with Paul, Kyle returned to Kristen so they could keep looking. Kyle wanted to buy Kristen a ring before heading back to Iraq for his call of duty. He kept telling Kristen to look at bigger diamonds, but she couldn’t get over the prices.


Truth be told, Kristen had her eye on a ring she had fallen in love with, but it was almost $10,000. She knew they couldn’t afford it, and the couple kept looking. They left the jewelry store empty-handed.

A Surprise Phonecall

When the couple arrived home, they received a call from the sales lady at the jewelry store. She told them they had to return to the store right away. It was urgent! Confused, but curious, they agreed to return. They got in their car and drove back to the jewelry store.


When they walked in, the sales lady presented them with a package. Inside was the ring Kristen really wanted. An anonymous shopper purchased the ring as a gift for the couple.

A Generous Mystery Man

The sales lady wouldn’t tell the couple who bought the ring for them, but they had their suspicions. No one else was in the store besides themselves and Paul Walker. They suspected he overheard them talking about the ring, and how they couldn’t afford it.


After Paul’s tragic and untimely death, the sales lady finally confirmed their suspicions. It was Paul who purchased the ring for the couple. He was touched by their engagement story and wanted to do something nice for the military couple. Paul’s generosity will live on in their marriage forever.

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