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Pennsylvanian Teen Who Missed Jonas Brothers Concert Due To Cancer Treatment Gets Hospital Visit Of A Lifetime

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Like millions of other Jonas Brothers fans, Lily Jordan was ecstatic with she got tickets to the Happiness Begins tour, the first Jonas Brothers tour since their reunion after several years of focusing on solo projects. The Pennsylvania teen dreamed of rocking out at the superstars’ concert for months, but, as the concert drew closer and closer, things took a turn for the worst. Lily was diagnosed with cancer, and she had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. She was not able to leave the hospital to attend her concert. Despite how bleak Lily’s situation, social media rallied around her and she still got to meet the Jonas Brothers.


Lily Jordan is a 16-year-old survivor who has been battling cancer for more than a year. Despite her illness playing a huge role in her life, the Jonas Brothers have also been a huge part of her childhood.  Going to the Jonas Brothers concert would have fulfilled one of her greatest childhood dreams.

Lily is very active on social media. She makes candid posts about the way that battling cancer affects her life. Often, she uses the hashtag #SurvivngAndThriving to describe how she is overcoming the challenges that life throws at her. She has an upbeat attitude, and she does plenty of outreach activities to raise money and offer emotional support for other people who are battling cancer.

Spreading The Word

Lily has more than 5,000 followers, and her active social media presence played a big role in making sure the Jonas Brothers knew about her story. She made a post that she didn’t expect anyone members of the band to see. She tagged the Jonas Brothers in it, and she explained that she’d be missing the concert because she was a patient in the Penn State Children’s Hospital, just a block away.

More than 6,000 people liked her post, and over 1,500 people commented on it. U.S. Representative Scott Perry learned of his story and posted it for his followers on Facebook. Thousands of people tagged the Jonas Brothers in posts and sent them messages regarding Lily. Although Lily says she always viewed it as a long shot, the Jonas Brothers noticed all of the attention she was receiving.

Better Than A Concert

Due to her medical condition, Lily was forced to miss the concert, but she got a meet and greet experience that the most expensive VIP tickets can buy. When the Jonas Brothers learned about Lily’s frustrating predicament, they decided to help her. All three of the Jonas Brothers (Kevin, Joe, and Nick,) along with Nick Jonas’ wife Priyanka Chopra, came to visit Lily in the hospital. They spent some quality time with the amazing teenager, and they even sang a few songs at her bedside. A few of her friends and family members got to enjoy the surprise visit as well.

Lily says she still cannot believe the Jonas Brothers came to visit her in the hospital. She was overwhelmed by the love shown to her by thousands of complete strangers, and her story is great example of how powerful of a force for good social media can be. Lily is very thankful to her newfound followers, and, of course, to the Jonas Brothers. The positivity is continuing on social media. Many people have wished Lily well, and people are glad to have played a small role in granting her wish of seeing the Jonas Brothers. She said that the entire experience “literally made my life!” We hope Lily continues to have amazing experiences like this one as she continues to inspire others with her kind and brave spirit.

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