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5 Times People Captured Perfectly-Timed Scenes While Driving, And They’re Too Good

You never know what you will encounter while you’re driving. You might see a vehicle with hilarious decorations, a funny license plate, an unusual event, or a hilarious encounter with a fellow driver. The road can be a strange place, but you’re not alone if you have experienced incredible moments like these five while driving.

To Infinity And Beyond

Imagine driving down the street and you glance over to your left and you see Woody and Buzz Lightyear hanging off a semi-truck. It appears the semi-truck driver hoped to recreate a famous scene from Toy Story. It looks like the two lovable Pixar characters are always along for any ride!


Speeding At A Young Age

Adults aren’t the only ones who speed while driving. Apparently, toddlers have a need for speed, as well. This toddler was “pulled over” by a police officer in his neighborhood. Maybe the child was speeding or perhaps the police officer just wanted to have some fun. Hopefully, he only gave the toddler a warning.


Contradictory Words

The message on the semi-truck said, “On the road to success, there are no shortcuts.” That’s an inspirational quote, but it’s contradictory to what happened to the truck. The driver underestimated the height of a bridge and it clearly didn’t work out for him. We just hope no one was injured in the crash.


Antique Roadshow

Every now and then, you might see someone on the road who collects vintage vehicles, including this driver. He decided to show off his 1917 Bearcat vehicle. While the car is over 100 years old, it’s able to drive just as well as today’s models. Just because something is vintage doesn’t mean it’s bad.


The Unusual Suspect

Car accidents happen every day. They’re sometimes inevitable, but the driver is usually human. That’s not the case for this accident, in which it appears as though a dog was driving a semi-truck. He caused a harmless accident, which allows us to laugh at the hilarious photo. He looks guilty!


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