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These Stories Of People Cheating Death Are So Crazy There’s No Way They’re Made Up

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, there’s nothing certain in this life except for death and taxes. Don’t try telling that to these extraordinary people who looked death in the face and lived to tell the tale. Whether it was perseverance or sheer dumb luck, their stories of survival will amaze you.

A Case For Christ

In World War II, Osker Ullram was saved from a German bullet hitting him straight in the chest by his crucifix and dog tags. The bullet hit the crucifix first, before coming to rest in the dog tag.


Getting Nailed

In 2004, Isidro Mejia was working on a roof when he fell off and landed on top of another worker below who was using a nail gun. Despite having six 3.5″ nails shot into his skull, he survived because the nails barely missed his brain.

NBC News

6 Mile High Club

When an explosion occurred on flight attendant Vesna Vulovic’s plane in 1972, she found herself plummeting to the ground. Amazingly she survived the 6-mile drop, suffering a fractured skull, two broken legs, and three broken vertebrae. She still holds the Guinness world record as the person surviving the highest freefall.

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A Rolling Stone

This dramatic photo shows a humongous boulder that narrowly missed this Italian farmhouse as it rolled down the mountain. The family, who was home at the time, feel fortunate to be alive.

Bear-ly Alive

Brent Case is a Canadian surveyor who came face to face with a 900-pound grizzly bear. He survived the attack by playing dead, even though at one point he said it felt like the bear was eating his brain.


Hatchet Job

A hatchet fell off of a landscaper’s truck in front of this car and headed straight toward the passenger of this car. The passenger was “shaken up,” but not injured.



The Meng brothers were working in a coal mine in China when the tunnel collapsed behind them. A rescue attempt was made but soon given up, and their relatives even had a funeral for the pair. When the brothers realized no help was coming, they dug themselves out with only one pickax and their bare hands.


A Fatal Shot

Ahad Israfil was only 14 years old when an accidental shotgun blast took off a large portion of his skull. He went on to graduate college with honors.

Whos The Bomb

Blind Luck

Thankfully there wasn’t a passenger riding in this car when a piece of sheet metal tore its way through the vehicle. The driver should go buy a lottery ticket.


A Maritime Miracle

Harrison Okene survived for 60 hours under many feet of water when his boat capsized in rough waters. Miraculously, he was trapped in an air bubble and was found by divers who thought they would be conducting a recovery mission, not a rescue mission.

The Guardian

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