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Videos Of People Cutting Soap Has Become An Oddly Satisfying Viral Trend

If you thought bar soap was just for the shower, we have news for you. Soap has now become a viral social media craze. Instagram and YouTube users have created a new trend, known as “soap cutting,” where users film a video of themselves cutting a bar of soap. It might sound insane, but the videos are created for a very specific reason.

Introducing ASMR Videos

Instagram and YouTube users have created a new social media trend, referred to as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. Essentially, users film videos intended to relax viewers’ senses, gently calming them to sleep. Videos include watching someone eat crunchy food, carve candles, play with sticky slime, destroy makeup, scoop ice cream, and cut an entire bar of soap.


These videos are oddly satisfying and soothing. Users buy or make different colored soap with various shapes to keep their viewers entertained. Judging from the high number of views, people can’t get enough of ASMR. It’s a trend that won’t disappear anytime soon.

A Full-Time Job

For some users, the trend has become so popular that it’s now a full-time job. For example, Nazish, known on Instagram as @asmr.crackle, has generated 80,000 followers from her satisfying soap cutting videos. She makes YouTube videos and earns money for each video she uploads.

ASMR Crackle/YouTube

But Nazish isn’t going to stop anytime soon. She currently films a new video every day. As long as the trend remains popular, she’ll continue cutting as much soap as possible. “My account is a personal form of art therapy to relieve my own anxiety and insomnia,” she said. “It is an alternative type of white noise.”

Get Satisfied

There’s an ASMR video for everyone. Whether you like watching someone eat food, play with slime, or cut a bar of soap, there are over 11 million ASMR videos to choose from to feel satisfied. Viewers who watch these videos claim that they experience a “tingling feeling on their scalp and spine, coupled with an almost trancelike state of relaxation.”


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So, the next time you’re battling insomnia or you’re in the mood to meditate, turn on an ASMR video, preferably one with soap. You’ll be satisfied with the colors, sounds, and you’ll eagerly anticipate each cut.

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