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5 People Who Forgot To Look At The Background Before Taking That Selfie

Have you ever taken a selfie and uploaded it to your social media profiles without really looking at it? Once you notice your mistake, you regret uploading it, but it’s already been seen by your followers. That’s what happened to these five individuals who really should have paid attention to their backgrounds. Do you feel embarrassed for them?

A Little Spring Cleaning

The girl taking this selfie probably thought she would impress her followers with her glamorous dress. Clearly, she is on her way to a formal event. However, her followers and friends probably only noticed the cluttered floor behind her. This most likely isn’t the effect she was going for at all…

Twitter via @smalltrashcan

Fake Selfie

This man posted a picture claiming his girlfriend was trying to take his photo without his permission. He thought it would be a cute photo, but it turns out it was a selfie. He didn’t notice the mirror behind him that captures him taking the photo with his feet—lying to his followers!

Madagoscar via Reddit

The Creepiest One

How many of you have seen photos like this one? It seems like a normal mirror selfie, but look again. There’s something creepy about this photo. We hope the girl eventually turned around and realized there was a man eyeing her from behind the shower curtain. And we hope she knew the person!


Bad Timing

Mirrors often destroy a perfectly good selfie. For example, this girl didn’t think to look behind her and see a mirror was revealing to her followers that she was taking her selfie while on the toilet. She thought no one would see her waist, but everyone could see what she was really doing.


A Hilarious Photobomb

Photobombers make hilarious photos if they are successful. This girl is an expert, it seems. She decided to photobomb a couple taking a selfie and you can barely notice her in the photo. According to the person who posted the photo on Reddit, the photo was hanging on her refrigerator door for six years before she noticed the hilarious photobomb.


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