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People Share The Random Acts Of Kindness Strangers Did For Them, And It’ll Melt Your Winter Heart

It’s true. Everyone has the power to improve another person’s day with a simple act of kindness. The five people below were helped by strangers in the most unexpected ways. The Reddit stories are sure to lift your spirit and renew your belief in the good that humans can do for each other.

Birthday Surprise

Some birthdays are better than others. One bakery customer talked about what occurred when she had to purchase her own birthday cake because there was no one to celebrate with. Luckily for her, the shop’s cashier took notice. After the customer placed their order and left, the cashier paid for the cake and had the baker go above and beyond with decorations. The customer was thrilled and called the cashier their “Birthday Fairy.”


Toy Train Treat

A mom and her young son would frequently visit the mall. If the mom was short of cash, they would window shop to pass the time and watch a working toy train display in a case. On one memorable visit,  a teen passed the pair and paid the cost to make the train run. The action made the boy’s day!

Grocery Kindness

Rob Westerman and Mike Lewis were old high school friends on a mission. They brought $400 to a grocery store so they could surprise shoppers by buying their groceries for them. By the end of their trip, they’d surprised 15 shoppers. One “kindness victim” even offered to buy the next shopper’s groceries and pass on the goodwill.

Reducing A Burden

Do you ever overestimate how much you have to carry? One wound up carrying too many textbooks to fit into her bookbag. Textbooks aren’t light and she struggled to walk under the extra weight. When a stranger noticed and provided a second bag, it made her day—and her walk home—easier.


Wheelchair Lift

If you need to take the Pairs Metro while in a wheelchair, you have to use designated accessibility stations. When the station that one wheelchair rider needed was closed, a group of strangers stepped in. They manually lifted the chair through two flights of stairs and a turnstile to the platform. The strangers who helped didn’t know each other and asked for nothing more than a ‘Thank You’ in return.


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