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5 Times People Were Too Lazy To Decorate For Christmas, And Came Up With Brilliant Solutions

Let’s face it: the holiday season can be downright exhausting. Sure, we would love to be the house on the block that has the beautiful, Clark Griswold-quality Christmas lights covering our house, but who really has time for that? Well, these five people weren’t going to waste precious time and energy with decorations, so they got creative instead. It’s hysterical!

Same Here

Why put up all those lights when you can just “ditto” the house next door? This is one way to be festive this season, and you only have a few dozen bulbs to take down after Christmas instead of hundreds of strings. Plus, it’s great for your holiday power bill!


From One Holiday To The Next

This is one easy fix to get festive for Christmas. No need to take down those Halloween decorations when you could just add a few little items to use them for the next holiday. Just add a pilgrim’s hat for Thanksgiving and replace with a Santa hat to keep those lawn ornaments in use all season long!

savage_irony / Reddit

No Messy Trees Here

Who needs tons of tinsel to pick up or a bunch of pine needles to sweep after Christmas is over? Not you if you go the mini-tree route! The presents might end up covering the tree instead of going under it, but this idea is so ridiculous and funny, it’s totally worth it!

snapshot-snaps / Reddit

The Grinch Stole My Lights

You can be a minimalist while still being festive for the holiday. Just say the Grinch stole your lights! All you need is an inflatable Grinch and one single strand of lights to skip out on heavy decorating while still giving people something to gaze and giggle at as they pass your house. Perfect!

frizzzzle / Reddit

Saran Wrap Solves All

Okay, this idea is more practical than funny, but it truly is a great idea! Putting ornaments on the tree is one of the most time-consuming holiday activities, and sometimes it’s just too tedious to deal with. So, plastic wrap your (fake) tree after Christmas to savor that holiday spirit and have it ready to go for next year!

342636_stephy_a / Reddit

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