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Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Question What’s Real

Modern technology is an amazing thing. Using editing software, we can turn almost any fantasy into reality. Since creating such images is so easy, these illusions have become commonplace. What interests us now is when images create a fantasy all by themselves. The following photos were perfectly timed to make even the most skeptical person think twice about the supernatural.

Heaven On Earth

This image was taken at the exact moment a pedestrian aligned with a mural. Since she happened to be walking at the correct angle, angel wings appear to be emerging from her. Perhaps angels are too celestial to walk the Earth. A popular Disney princess could do it, though, right?


Real-Life Rapunzel

While Rapunzel isn’t depicted as a giant, this man climbing this woman’s hair reminds us of her. It would be awesome if people could change sizes, as this picture suggests. Although, it could be dangerous. On the other hand, this next picture poses no danger to the world as we know it.


Floating Furball

The worst that could happen if this floating furball really did exist would be cuteness overload. This image was taken at the exact moment the cat tucked all of its legs in after jumping. Wouldn’t you just love to get your hands on this adorable creature? While this image is easy to explain away, not all of them are.

Love Meow

Taking A Knee

This image is so strange. Pictures taken right before someone hits the water usually aren’t perfect. This photo, on the other hand, is pristine. There are so stray splashes or hints that this boy isn’t kneeling on water. This supernatural power would definitely be cool to have, but it pales in comparison to this last one.


Super Eagle

Lining up perfectly with vapor from a plane, this eagle appears to have super speed. I can think of so many uses for this power. For one, you wouldn’t need to buy gas. You could simply run everywhere and not get tired. It would also make cleaning a lot easier.


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