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These Perfectly-Timed Photos Were Taken Seconds Before A Minor Disaster

A lot of work is involved in taking the perfect picture. You arrange the backdrop and angle your body just right for an impressive photograph. However, these photos aren’t nearly as impressive as the photos that capture unexpected moments. It takes skill to capture photos just seconds before a disaster or hilarious event occurs. Look at these photos taken at just the right moment. Hopefully, it’ll bring a smile to your day!

Popping The Champagne At The Wrong Moment

This happy couple is posing for a photo at a celebration. Little did they know a champagne cork would be flying towards the man’s eye moments later.

romancreed via Reddit

Bringing An Umbrella To The Party

This photo captures a group of people enjoying a party. Unfortunately, someone dropped a full glass, and whoever took the photo captured the moment before one woman was about to get drenched.

tillicum via Reddit


Three friends decided to test to see if this catapult still works. It does! They soon found one of their friends flying toward the ground.

dYfwk via Imgur

On The Run

This cameraman was photographing an alligator in the water. That’s when the alligator decided to turn on him. The man took off running and we hope he made it away okay!

Walt Disney Studios

Your Worst Nightmare

This photo captured the moment when this woman’s cheesecake slid off her dessert plate. The look of horror on her face matches her dog’s shocked expression.

circuselefante via Imgur

Fun And Games

It’s no longer all fun and games for this father after he decided to race his son race toward the ground in his toy car. We hope they had a soft landing.

etherphoria via Imgur

Totally Oblivious

This grandmother isn’t even aware that she’s about to be hit with an incoming volleyball. Luckily someone was able to capture this moment on camera.

9XtvbIA via Imgur

Free Falling

This young man attempted to perform tricks on his bicycle. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him and this photo captured the moment before he would plummet to the ground.


Sick Burn

This man will soon regret attempting to perform a trick on his bicycle at a party. He is about to fall into a fire pit. We hope he’s okay!


A Spot Of Bad Luck

This woman managed to find a four-leaf clover. It doesn’t look like she’s going to have good luck as a frisbee is flying towards her. She was lucky, however, to capture this perfect photo.

abusivecat via Reddit

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