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5 Perfectly Timed Pulse-Pounding Photos

Capturing well-timed photos can be more exciting than you would expect and can push your comfort boundaries as well. Some of these photographers definitely pushed the limits to snap these perfectly timed photos. Check out our first mind-bending photograph; the view is sure to get your heart rate up!

Swirling Bridge

Feeling dizzy yet? This bridge looks like it’s twirling as you walk across it. So, do you atttempt to make the walk with your eyes closed or try to walk while it feels like you’re spinning? The next on our list is one you don’t want to close your eyes for.

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Great White

While this photographer is throwing a hang-ten sign, not everyone would. The Great White and this swimmer are definitely not getting things started on the right foot. Instead of venturing into shark-infested waters, you can check out the next majestic option on the list to begin your oceanic exploration.

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Pod of Whales

Let sleeping whales lie. While much larger and friendlier than the Great White, these stunning creatures would still give you pause before swimming by to snap a quick picture. The next on our list is stunning in a different way: the sheer height alone would be enough to make you think twice.

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Hang on tight! These people don’t look terrified, but the drop from the bridge isn’t something to be trifled with. Apparently, this tourist attraction is worth crossing since it’s a popular attraction in China even with the 1,000 foot drop. But would you rather go across or under like in our next photo?

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Massive Boulder

Terrified to walk under this massive boulder? While the average person might pass on the opportunity, people in Southern Spain have built apartments around this particular boulder. Don’t worry, instead of passing through once it could be a fixture of your everyday life and you could live under it.

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