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Persistent Dog Hailed A Hero After Saving His Owners’ Lives From Devastating House Fire

Have you ever heard that adopting a dog will save your life? In the case of this family, this phrase is quite literal…especially after their incredible canine rescued them from their burning house.

Milo’s Protective And Loyal Nature

Milo is the definition of a “good boy.” The beautiful brown pit bull is a loyal protector of the Hansen family, who used to live just outside of Twig, Minnesota. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago, their entire home went up in flames overnight. However, they were able to escape the near-fatal fire with their lives, all thanks to the persistence of Milo.

When it came to Milo’s dedication to protecting his humans, he had plenty of work on his plate. The Hansen family is made up of Carrie, Dave, and their two children, and to ensure that everyone would make it out in time, Milo had to alert them to danger as soon as possible. Still, the family was fast asleep when the fire started…and Carrie almost ignored Milo’s cries.

The Heroic Pup’s Persistence

When Milo came into Carrie and Dave’s room in the middle of the night barking his head off, Carrie nearly brushed his behaviors off. At first, she figured he was just pestering her, but Milo was persistent in getting her out of bed. All the while, Dave was fast asleep and oblivious to Milo’s barking. He admits that if Milo hadn’t gotten Carrie up, they probably wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Fortunately, Milo did eventually urge Carrie out of bed completely, who followed the anxious canine to their garage. She opened the door and was nearly knocked back with a wave of smoke. In a partial panic, Carrie ran back to wake up Dave, and the couple tried anxiously to put the flames out. However, just like Milo, Dave eventually realized their safety was most important and evacuated everyone from the burning home.

His Life-Saving Actions: “I Just Can’t Believe It”

Sadly, the Hansen family home was entirely destroyed in the fire, including all of Dave’s mechanic gear for his job, their new car, and most of their possessions. Their home also lacked any fire insurance, and the damages will cost the Hansens close to $750,000. Still, despite these painful truths, they are grateful for the quick thinking of their protective pup.

Without Milo’s barking, the Hansen family likely wouldn’t have woken up in time to make it out of the house. The motivated canine saved their lives, and while he may not grasp how special he is, Carrie and Dave are still in shock over the brave dog. “You always hear how your dog will save your life…I just can’t believe it,” Carrie shared.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved