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Stop Touching Your Face: Personal Hygiene Mistakes You’re Probably Making Constantly

You know your basic personal hygiene habits: shower, brush your teeth, floss, and wash your hands after going to the toilet. You’re pretty sure you are a clean and tidy individual. However, chances are you have also picked up some bad hygiene and grooming habits, some of which you may not even be aware of.

Bathroom Phone

This might be hard to hear, but you should not be using your phone in the bathroom. It is accumulating a lot of bacteria, which will then easily be transferred to your hands and skin. Sorry.

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Post-Workout Shower

Even if you are not dripping with sweat, you should always change and shower after a gym session, as trapped bacteria can cause skin problems.


Touching Your Face

Touching your face, whether it be by scratching your nose, resting your chin, or rubbing your eyes, is a great way to transfer bacteria from your hands onto your skin, potentially causing problems like acne.

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Dentists agree: you could be brushing too hard, and causing damage to your teeth. To avoid this, use a good-quality toothbrush, replace it often, and be gentle but firm during your brushing.

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Whilst scrubbing up with soap is basic hygiene, those with dry skin could do with less of it, especially in the winter. Instead, wash the key areas with soap every day, but just rinse everywhere else with water.


Hot Showers

While we’re on the subject of showers and dry skin, you should think about lowering the temperature of those scalding showers: they could be stripping essential oils from your skin.


Loofah And Sponge Maintenance

Most of us have bought a loofah at one point just to keep using it for months. This is gross, and we should know better. Mold and bacteria accumulate in loofahs and sponges, so replace every month or so.


Dirty Makeup Brushes

Clean your makeup brushes regularly: you are literally rubbing them onto your face and eyes. As a general rule, clean brushes that go on your face once a week, and those that go near your eyes once a month.

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Neglecting Your Fingernails

It’s not all about keeping your nails pretty: make sure you are also keeping them clean. Even if you regularly wash your hands, you need to take care to clean under your nails to get rid of bacteria.


Swabbing Your Ears

Yes, cleaning your ears with a cotton swab is pointless at best and harmful at worst: earwax isn’t that bad for you, and you may be pushing it deep into your eardrum.


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