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Pet Grooming Trends That You Won’t Be Able To Look Away From

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming has exploded into a highly-prosperous, albeit possibly surprising, market in recent years and is expected to reach upward of $200 billion by the year 2025! That being said, it’s not just products that account for the booming industry growth. Perhaps thanks to the ubiquity of social media in the digital era, funky fur-dos seem to be a trend that never goes out of style. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your fur baby or just want to take a break with some ‘pawsome’ photos, you won’t want to miss this list of some of the most head-turning pet stylings out there!

1. King Of The Yard

Channeling his inner alpha of the pride, this king of the backyard shows off his maned-do. Like this golden boy, some pooches are able to pull off the look incredibly well. So much so, that some dogs with lion cuts have actually been mistaken as cats of prey instead of a uniquely-groomed domestic animal.

Pet Grooming

After one such dog with a lion cut was seen frolicking down a street in Norfolk, Virginia, numerous concerned citizens made 911 calls. “I just saw an animal that looked like a small lion,” a man told emergency services. “Had the mane and everything … I don’t know if it got away from the zoo, or what,” he added. After all lions were accounted for in the nearby zoos, it was quickly discovered that the ‘lion’ in question was actually a dog in disguise.

2. The Beatles Are Back

The owners of this Old English Sheepdog apparently wanted their pooch to stay true to his heritage. And nothing screams England quite like the Beatles. This dog’s owners shaved him short apart from the top of his head, leaving him with the haircut popularized by the legendary British rock band – the ‘mop top.’

Pet Grooming

The crop was all the rage in 1960s thanks to the Fab Four, even though it was widely mocked by older adults for being too long. The length of the haircut was unusually long for the era and eventually became a symbol of rebellion among youth culture. We’re not entirely sure about his view on authority and convention, but his bob-tailed, mop-topped ‘lil bub certainly seems to enjoy rocking his new look.

3. I Am Kitty, Hear My Roar?

This is Jin Jin, a long-haired Persian kitty that lives with his owner Xie Qian Qian in Taiwan. Qian regularly tries to get Jin Jin shaved down when the weather starts to get warm. One summer Qian decided to have Jin Jin shaved, but wasn’t able to take him to the groomer herself.

Pet Grooming

So, Qian sent Jin Jin to the groomers with a close friend along with instructions to get his regular lion’s mane cut. And this was the result! It looks like poor Jin Jin ended up with some unfortunate cat mask instead of full head of fluffy fur. While Jin Jin’s owners were upset at first, they soon found the humor in the situation and after a few months Jin Jin’s fur grew out. They have promised Jin Jin that they will be more careful in the future.

4. Gremlin On The Loose

This dog’s curious haircut left him looking somewhat like a gremlin that got wet, and less like the cute, Furby-like, pre-monster version of the fictional creature. And apparently he’s not super into it. You can even see the dog’s contempt in the scowling glare that it’s giving the camera. And what’s with that odd puff of hair on top of his head?

Pet Grooming


Questioning minds would like to know what this dog groomer was thinking when they butchered this sweet pooch’s silky fur coat. And we would also like to know who was responsible for this bell-bottomed buzz – you know, so others can be warned in advance. We suppose all haircuts are a gamble, but this one really takes the cake for being so ridiculous.

5. Poodelicious

When it comes to ridiculous pet haircuts there is one breed that is seemingly targeted more than the rest – poodles. Their unusually fluffy coats make them popular subjects for strange and unique trims; like the one seen here. The French circus is often cited as the origin for their interesting dog-dos.

Pet Grooming

As opposed to the delicate lap dogs that they’re regarded as these days, back in the 16th and 17th centuries they were actually used for sport, particularly fetching things that landed in water. As hypoallergenic dogs, their fur retains water so their commonly-fruffy fur stylings actually originated for practical purposes. They were shaved in specific areas to make sure that they weren’t weighed down, and the hair on top of their heads was put in bows to keep it from falling down into their eyes.

6. Hot Dog Couture

We assume that this sweet pupper is a Golden Retriever, but this hawked haircut makes this dog almost unrecognizable. We can only imagine that they were going for a trendy hipster-esque faux-hawk, but then things got a little confusing. Instead of emulating high style, this Golden Retriever ended up looking like some odd type of hot dog with ketchup on it.

Pet Grooming

We understand that dogs get hot in the summer with their thick coats, but this doggo’s groomers seemed to have have taken the concept all too literally. This dog’s crop might look somewhat funny with alternating selections of short and long fur, but hey, let’s hope it’s comfy for this pooch.

7. Pomeranian Power

We’re sure this precious little Pomeranian’s groom has created quite the debate among admirers of the breed, but either way this pup still looks like he’s having a great ‘ol time living his best life. Known for their great adaptability when it comes to fur styling, this Pomeranian is working it and posing for the camera like a professional.

Pet Grooming

Pomeranians were popularized, in large part, by Queen Victoria in the 18th century. She owned a rather small red Pomeranian, this caused the smaller breeds of Pomeranians to become popular worldwide. Queen Victoria worked to improve and promote the breeding of smaller Pomeranians and it is believed that during her lifetime the size of the dogs decreased by 50%. The social media world, no doubt, has been thankful for these tiny nuggets of joy ever since.

8. The Bulbous Bouffant

This adorable dog apparently just got back from the hairdresser and is looking fierce. Looks like she decided to go all out and make a statement with her voluminous bulbous bouffant. In fact, this pooch has the kind of volume in her hair that most people aim to achieve. Don’t be jealous!

Pet Grooming

Just imagine waking up in the morning after doing your own hair, and having to style your dog’s hair before going out for that morning walk. Hope this little nugget’s owners have lots of hairspray to go around for everyone. Maintaining this up-do will take some work, but we think it’s well worth it.

9. Bearded Laser Dog

Laser eyes aside, imagine if you blended Stripe the Gremlin and an ancient kung fu sensei. The result? The goatee-sporting dog pictured here. This looks like one scrappy dog that you wouldn’t want to encounter in a dark alley. Especially after midnight, if you had food.

Pet Grooming

The term goatee was used up until the late 20th century to describe facial hair solely on the chin, such as the facial hair of a goat – hence the name. The term was eventually widened to incorporate any facial hair on the chin but not the cheeks. In popular culture, the goatee is used as a cinematic trope to indicate evil characters or villains. Wonder if this guy’s owners knew that?

10. The Pupadour

Taking your dog to the pet groomer? Why not try out an Elvis-style pompadour up-do? This little Griffon named Chamaco is rocking his new haircut and according to his Instagram page, he is an LA-based boss boy. He even has his own website selling dog accessories.

Pet Grooming

Chamaco has almost 25,000 Instagram followers, making him quite the Internet sensation. The pompadour do he’s so adorably rocking was named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France. Although originally a hairstyle for women, the style was popularized for men by famous figures such as Franz Kafka, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash… and now the canine elite.

11. Uni The Raccoon

This little cutie’s name is Uni the Raccoon and he lives in Taiwan with his owner Joyce Tai who bought him in 2014 after it became legal there to own raccoons as pets. Uni quickly became an Internet sensation with more than 22,000 followers on his personal Facebook page.

Pet Grooming

Uni has a condition called leucism which gives him his usual pale color. The raccoon is famous for his unique haircuts which have included a paw print on his back as well as a heart-shape. Uni’s owner never imagined that he would become so popular, and describes herself as a normal, working class person who just wanted to share photos of her pawed pal to bring others some joy.

12. Purr-ima Ballerina

Nope that’s not a costume you’re seeing. The tutu on this feisty-looking feline is all fur! Seeing as how that’s a pretty lush-looking tutu, we can only wonder how desperately this cat needed a trim! However cute we may think it is, this kitty does not seem to be sitting pretty with the new do.

Pet Grooming

It might surprise you to know that animals actually can get embarrassed just like humans can. Most experts agree that cats can feel some form of humiliation. And if there were ever cause to be embarrassed, it appears that this cat is feeling it. Come on cutie, own it – we’re sure loving it! 

13. Furred Fringe

Not everyone is able to pull off bangs. And it might be debatable whether or not this dog can. All technicalities withstanding, however, we can’t get over this head-banging puppy-do. If ever there was a contest of the doggy version of 80s-era Bon Jov – surely this fringed furball would win!

Pet Grooming

Or perhaps this cut reminds us of a younger Courtney Love, back in the day (you know which days we’re talking about), after a long night out on the town. By the looks of it, this pooche is more about hard napping than hard-rockin’. You’re a start in our eyes stud, bark on!

14. Geometric Grooming

A new form of dog grooming has taken the island of Taiwan by storm – geometric grooming. In what looks like a dog that would perfectly fit into the Minecraft world, one canine hairdresser named Tain Yeh in Taipei is turning heads with her uniquely eye-catching haircuts.

Pet Grooming

“The dogs don’t mind, and the owners keep coming back for more. This sort of haircut needs a lot more maintenance than the regular type. It is also not suitable for all breeds. The dog needs to have plenty of hair to play around with so that you can shape it around the face and body,” Yeh told reporters.

15. Tires or Cat?

Cat owners generally decide to shave down their furry friends to avoid shedding season and all the allergies and cleanup that comes along with it. But we’re pretty sure this fur-do wouldn’t really help in that vein. Perhaps this descending design helps aerate without completely getting rid of everything?

Pet Grooming

While we may never receive an answer to that question, we do believe that this is one of the most unusual pet grooming designs we’ve come across yet! We just want to run out finger through those arrow-like rows of fluff. Perhaps they’re instruction for which way to pet this kitty?

16. The Jaunty Bob

While there are a lot of pet grooming style out there that arguably only work for animals, this dog’s owners went in a completely different direction and decided to give their dog a very human-looking haircut. While it is a bit odd to see a jaunty bob on a dog, we think this dog looks adorable and is pulling it off well. This pooch’s hairstyle is also giving us some serious 1960s Jackie Kennedy vibes.

Pet Grooming

After the 1960 US elections, Jackie Kennedy became a global fashion icon and was well known for her love of French couture, especially that of Chanel, Balenciaga, and Givenchy. She became so influential that Times magazine listed her on their All-TIME 100 Fashion Icons list. And apparently her style has even transcended the species barrier.

17. Do I Match?

After a full-body shave, apart from the head, this doggo looks like a mismatched teddy bear. This pet grooming result looks like the dog equivalence of farmer’s tan or mistakenly buying the wrong color foundation at the beauty store. The pupper is still adorable by all means, but he looks like he’s not quite sure what to do with his new cut.

Pet Grooming

Many dog experts agree that you shouldn’t shave your pet unless absolutely necessary, and if you do, you should consult with your vet before going ahead with it. “A pet’s coat is designed by nature to keep it cool during the summer and warm in the winter. By shaving your pet you usually interfere with this built-in temperature regulation,” says Wendy Fries from WebMD Pet Edition. There must have been a good reason for this do, apart to serve for our endless entertainment.

18. The Scooby-Doo Do

This was not so much a haircut, but definitely some amazing Scooby Doo cosplay. And all it took was a clean trim, some black makeup and the iconic blue collar with “SD” on it. Even the Great Dane’s owner is dressed up to look like Scooby’s human companion and amateur detective, Shaggy Rogers.

Pet Grooming


According to the creator of the character, Iwao Takamoto, he spoke to a Great Dane breeder about the characteristics of the pedigree dog, then went in the opposite direction. “I decided to go the opposite [way] and gave him a hump back, bowed legs, small chin and such. Even his color is wrong,” Takamoto stated. This Dane, however, truly looks great!

19. The Farmer Inu

Perhaps inspired by a recent trip to Germany, this Shiba Inu seems to be sporting the pet grooming version of lederhosen.  While we’re not exactly sure he’s ready to raise a glass Oktoberfest-style to his new do, this look is definitely one to go in the book.

Pet Grooming


When photos of this poor Shiba Inu hit the Internet, dog lovers everywhere were outraged. It is never recommended that dog owners shave Shiba Inus as their coat is double coated and needed to protect them from both the heat and the cold. While shedding can be a nuisance with these breeds, shaving half of the dog certainly isn’t going to help much with the mess. Hopefully, this little guy is an indoor pooch and his fur grows back quickly.

20. Circle Dog

Coming to you from the same pet groomer in Taiwan that specializes in the square-headed cut, comes the perfectly symmetrical circle cut. This poodle is looking super fancy in her circular poof of a head, complete with circular ears that look like earmuffs.

Pet Grooming

According to the groomer, this style takes a lot of upkeep. Similar to trimming the hedges in your front yard, except harder as dog hair grows more quickly. These geometrically inspired doggy haircuts have the Internet barking up a storm. We wonder what shapes will be next to come up on the horizon for the island nation of Taiwan – an octagons perhaps?

21. The Temporary Perm

The owner of this dog was actually horrified to see that her pooch had come back from the groomers sporting a nifty little crimped poof of hair on top of his head. The dog’s owner, name Lindsay, took to Twitter with the picture, writing that her mother was responsible for the unfortunate trim and had ruined her dog, Wembley.

Pet Grooming


Internet commenters were quick to point out that her dog’s new do resembled Guy Fieri’s bleach blond spikey hair. Lindsay eventually admitted defeat, after begging her mother to have the rest cut off, and learned to live with the  new hairstyle choice, posting on Twitter that “Wembley is the best dog in the world. Fluffy or Fieri.”

22. The Mop Dog

This dog, which amazingly resembles a mop, is known as a Puli. The Puli breed is a Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog which is known for its unique long, corded coat. As you can imagine, these dogs require a considerable amount of grooming and maintenance to keep their coat clean and looking good.

Pet Grooming


The Puli’s coat can grow so long that it will eventually hit the ground, making it a nightmare to keep clean. So most Puli owners opt to keep their dog’s coats trimmed of cut short to allow for easier maintenance. Luckily, though, the Puli doesn’t shed.

23. Mother Of Haircuts

Looking to have your cat shaven and not interested in a lion cut? Well, there are other options available. And they are far more ‘furr-ocious’ than having your cat look like a lion. For example, why not shave your cat to look like a dragon?

Pet Grooming


This pet grooming trend possibly became all the rage thanks to the hit TV series Game of Thrones. We found a pet groomer in Philadelphia that does the cut for a mere $95, including styling and shampooing. According to their website, the haircut is a real ego-booster for cats due to all the extra attention they receive for looking so cool.

24. A Painted Pup

If there’s a new culture or style trend going on, chances are high that it originated in the Far East. While this might look like an adorable little tiger cub, it’s actually a Golden Retriever! The trend of dyeing animals to look like other animals has taken China by storm.

Pet Grooming


This retriever looks especially pleased with his new makeover and all the extra attention he is getting because of it. According to recent figures, spending on pets across China is up at least 500% since 1999. Now the question only remains, is the pet grooming market sustainable. You tell us, would you do this to your pet?

25. Panda Pal

Pandas are very cute, but they don’t make for good pets. So this poodle owner decided that they would make do with what they had and turn their pooch into a panda for Halloween using pet-safe dye. From the looks of it, this poodle was originally completely black to start out with.

Pet Grooming

Poodles are recognized as the second-most intelligent dog breed, after the Border Collie. Poodles are also very skillful in lots of dog sports and activities. While there is some debate surrounding the poodle’s origin, it is believed that they originated in France – not that you could tell from this ‘furrtastic’ photo!

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