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For $2,600, This Company Can Make Ultra Realistic Masks Replicating Your Pet’s Face

Do you love your pet so much that you want to be your pet? Well, you can’t, but you can look like your pet, thanks to a Japanese service engaged in somewhat unusual operations.

Introducing ‘My Family’

As much as we all love our adorable animal companions, odds are you know someone who always takes it a bit too far. You know the ones. Those who treat their animals like actual children, carting them around in baby strollers and constructing whole furniture sets and wardrobes for their fur babies. For those who are either super obsessed with their pets or just in for a good laugh, there’s Japanese manufacturer “My Family.”

If you’ve wished for a larger than life costume of your pet, that you could wear with your pet, there’s now a solution. Bonding with furry besties has officially reached new levels.

Superior Craftsmanship

More work than you could ever imagine goes into to making these eerily accurate masks, and the craftsmanship is definitely top-notch as each mask is completely handcrafted by those at Japan’s Warehouse 91 in partnership with the firm Shindo Rika.

The first step in procuring one of these animal masks is for pet owners to photograph the pet in question from every angle. Once the photos are shipped off to “My Family” artisans produce a 3D, wearable mold of the pet’s head in full detail. A lifeless, unblinking mask of faux fur and individual marking is then prepared. The whole process is amusing, albeit somewhat unnerving.

How to Get Your Own

Want to know what it’d be like to twin it out with your favorite friend? Well, be prepared to shell out about $2,600 for the endeavor.

All jokes aside, you have to admit that these masks are pretty darn neat. They don’t specifically have to be replicated for a pet’s face either. For those who don’t have any animals at home, or don’t particularly like the idea of human-sized cloning of pet faces, there are other options animal to choose from.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved