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PETA Wants People To Stop Using Anti-Animal Language, But The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

The internet is roasting PETA for its newest campaign. The animal rights group wants to “remove specieism from your daily conversations.” Who is the culprit for specieism? PETA says it’s the figures of speech we use every day.

Two Birds, One Scone

PETA posted a chart to Twitter with phrases that we should stop using. On the left side of the chart, were everyday expressions that PETA considers to be anti-animal. On the right side of the sayings were PETA’s suggestions for alternatives that are more animal-friendly.


Instead of using the phrase “kill two birds with one stone,” PETA wants us to “feed two birds with one scone.” Instead of referring to things that are being tested as “the guinea pig,” PETA wants us to call them “the test tube.” Rather than “beating a dead horse,” we should “feed a fed horse.

The Roasting Begins

Immediately under that post, a Twitter user named Corey replied: “So you’re saying that there’s more than one way to skin a cat?”


Plenty of Twitter users responded with hilarious charts of their own, saying that we should also avoid anti-food language, anti-rap and country music language, and anti-book language.

The Real Joke

The most absurd part of this tweet is that PETA compared anti-animal language to racism and homophobia. If PETA hadn’t done that, the chart may have actually been taken more seriously.


Anti-animal language is never spoken directly to animals with the intention of hurting them. Even if you did tell a pig that you were “bringing home the bacon,” the pig wouldn’t understand you. Racist and homophobic language is directed at humans with the intention of hurting them, and it usually works. Seriously, be nice to humans and animals!

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