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These Stories Of Pets Finding Their Forever Homes Will Give You All The Feels

Animal shelters and rescues are filled with dogs and cats that are looking for loving homes. Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year, many of whom come from less than happy conditions. Here are some amazing, transformative stories of cats and dogs who went from terrible circumstances to happy homes.

Ogre To Cutie

This poor pup earned the name Shrek because of the swamp-monster-like mane of fur he had when he was brought into the shelter. His thick, over-grown fur was caked with mud, his legs were covered in sores, and a burr had lodged itself in his eye. After removing 3.5 pounds of matted fur he looked like a new dog and was soon on his way to a new forever home.

Bored Panda

From Mouse To Cat

When a litter of kittens was brought into Fabulous Felines Rescue, a nonprofit cat rescue organization in Bentonville, Arkansas, there was little hope that the smallest of the bunch would survive. Despite being two or three weeks old, Stuart Little weighed less than the normal weight for a newborn should, and had a severe eye infection and flea infestation. The staff refused to give up on the little kitten though, and he pulled through and was adopted by one of the shelter’s volunteers.

Bored Panda

Trash To Treasure

You might not be able to tell from the first picture, but Treasure is a 2-year-old full bred poodle. She was severely neglected before finding her way to Natchez-Adams County Humane Society, with her matted hair making it impossible to even walk. One visit to the vet later and Treasure is a brand new pooch.

Bored Panda

Homeless to Hopeful

Mr. Biscuits was severely injured when he sought out a warm spot to sleep by crawling into an engine compartment and the unknowing driver drove a short distance with him trapped there. He had severe burns all over his body and several broken bones, but today he is a happy kitty whose foster mom became his forever mom.

Bored Panda

An Amazing Transformation

Cedar was found at a golf course, hairless from stress and so underweight that his bones could be seen through his skin. He seemed to be waiting for someone that never came. After getting some vet care and some good meals in him, he looked unrecognizable. His new family renamed him, Buddy.

Bored Panda

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