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Pets Vs. Food: The Most Adorable Interactions With

Pets are known to be pretty hysterical sometimes. Especially when they’re trying to scarf down their food, or trying to get at food they are not supposed to have. But you know what can be even funnier? When they’re dressed up as the food they so enjoy! Check out these five instances where animals were trying to enjoy food or being served up themselves.

The Cutest Cheesemonger

Who knew you could own a prairie dog as a pet? This Reddit user did, and they also knew that the most adorable thing ever is to dress it up in a little outfit and give it a piece of cheese. This photo is so cute it gives you the giggles!

Reddit / polisci201

Purr-fect Posture

There’s nothing better than grabbing some snacks and sprawling out on the couch to enjoy your meal. Well, this must be the kitty equivalent of that. Why stand when you can lay down in front of your food bowl and really relax while you feast? This cat knows what’s up.

Reddit / lilred181

Who Me?

It’s always a dead giveaway when you come in and someone has chocolate on their face or cheesy orange Cheeto fingers. This cat must not have gotten the memo to hide the evidence after a romp (and chomp) through the garden’s flowers, and his bewildered look at being caught is priceless.

Reddit / leetyourmakeup

This Brunch Is Divine

“I do say, Cynthia, this meal is exquisite.” That’s what we imagine this fancy raccoon is saying as he enjoys a 5-star blueberry breakfast at the kitchen table. It’s unusual to see one of these animals not rifling through the trash, making this the most refined one ever seen. And just look at those little hands!

Reddit / skitlex

Dinner Is Served

Oh no! This pup must have tried to get some treats too many times so now he’s become one (just kidding)! Usually, food costumes for pets are things like hot dogs, but this doggy Halloween get-up is much more creative and absolutely head-turning. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume for next year, this one is sure to be a doggone show-stopper.

Reddit / ketchuppacket

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