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How This Seemingly Innocent Photo Of Two Toddlers Sparked A Hugely Heated Online Debate

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Twitter is embroiled in yet another controversy! @TheMedicalShots is an account with nearly a quarter of a million followers. The account usually posts viral medical images, but one of the images has been deemed sexist by some. The photo in question shows two toddlers walking down a hospital hallway holding hands. The girl is wearing a pink shirt that says “nurse in training,” and the boy is wearing a teal shirt that says “doctor in training.”

Twitter Says It’s Sexist

The photo was posted with the caption “This is cute, isn’t it?” followed by a heart eyes emoji. Many Twitter users immediately pushed back against the image. One Twitter user, @21_03_90 said, “no, it’s not. Why isn’t she a Dr as well? Or why is the boy not a nurse?”


Twitter user @angg_fn even edited the image so that both children’s shirts said, “health professional in training.” Many people complained that the picture was sexist because it forced young children, who probably don’t have any opinions about their future careers, into stereotypical gender roles.

Other Perspectives

Another user on the social media platform, @MariIha said, “The children are cute. The sexism on their backs is NOT.”  @Jilltataraworld sarcastically asked, “How did you tweet this from the year 1950?” There was a time when women couldn’t be doctors and men couldn’t be nurses, but that has changed.

A male nurse, @diveveyfall fan, said, “Nope. Male nurse here.” This exposes another side of the issue. There are plenty of stories of female doctors being discriminated against in the workplace and even in medical school. Male nurses get just as much flack. They are a minority in the field, and these kinds of pictures don’t help either group.

No Apologies

The account who posted the picture, @TheMedicalShots, has not apologized for the photo. The account merely curates content, and many of the pictures are provocative for a variety of reasons. 


In fact, Twitter users who have their accounts set to block sensitive media cannot see photos posted from this account. @TheMedicalShots has not supported or denounced the photo in any way.

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