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Photographer Captures Candid Shots Of Stray Cats Cuddling In Istanbul, And The Internet Is Swooning

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Two look-alike cats resting near an Istanbul waterway made for an adorable portrait when a photographer captured them cuddling together. The cats were part of large groups of friendly cats that roam the streets, approaching humans with little fear and lots of requests for pets. When California photographer Orin saw them, he captured the moment on film. The results were a top grade, painterly portrait of the two cats that melted viewers hearts.

The Perfect Shot Wasn’t Staged

Orin published these and other photos from his trip in an article on Bored Panda. In the accompanying commentary, he talks at length about the experience with the cats and about how the photos didn’t need to be staged at all. He recalled the cats were some of the most affectionate he’s met. They not only looked like each other, but they also weren’t willing to leave each other’s side and it was difficult to resist photographing them together.

Istanbul Known For Stray Cat Support

He speculated that their affection, both with tourists and with each other, may have been a reflection of the attitudes of the Turkish people. The local population is kind and friendly, an attitude that may have rubbed off on the cat population there and made them feel more comfortable and outgoing. The people’s acceptance of the cats is so prominent that they feed them regularly and even build them shelter from time to time.

The website Backpacker describes both an abundance of felines and the lengths locals go to feed them. Human pet feeders will collect scraps, deliberately drop food, and leave bits of sustenance in strategic places throughout the City. The site speculates that the cats are almost like the City’s pets and locals’ love for them may reflect a legend where a cat saved the prophet Mohammad from a snake.

Social Media Followers Go Crazy For Photos

Online followers went crazy for the photos. On Instagram, two similar photos of the cuddling cats got more than 10,000 likes combined and some great comments.

Here’s hoping Orin continues to take beautiful animal photos from other places he visits.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved