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Self-Trained Photographer Wows The Internet With Portraits of Nigerian Diversity

Nigerian photographer Bisola Mofeoluwa Bamuyiwa, the owner of BMB Studios, is stunning the Internet with her work. The diversity of her subjects and richly-hued portraits have captured the world’s eye. Her portraits of children, married couples, families, and even royalty imbibe all her subjects with equal radiance. What’s even more incredible? She is self-trained, learning much of her craft from YouTube videos, various mentors, and day-to-day experience.

Portrait Of 5-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral

Many fans first saw Bamuyiwa’s photos of five-year-old Jare Ijalana. Based on the portraits, Jarae has been dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world” and it’s easy to see why. The photo above received tens of thousands of likes. After it’s success, Bamuyiwa encouraged the girl’s mother to start an Instagram page with portraits of Jare and her two sisters. With just four photos, the feed already has 6,000 followers.


A Portrait Unlike Any Other

In this portrait, Bamuyiwa aimed to show yet another example of how beauty can, quite unexpectedly, take on many forms. Many of the photo’s commenters agree that she succeeded. While this light skinned, African young man is beautiful, he also appears to be thoughtful, content, and staring from the photo directly into the viewer’s soul.


Brave Survivor And Her Scars Are Beautiful

This portrait of a gas attack survivor shows that the woman and her scars are both gorgeous. Her skin coloring, scar coloring, and eyes radiate warmly in the photograph. We hope that the model was empowered by seeing how she looked in this pose. We imagine that few would be her equal in bravery or beauty.


A King Requests BMB Studios For Their Birthday Picture

When Lagos royals have a special event—such as their birthday—they choose Bamuyiwa and BMB studios for the occasion. That’s probably because, in addition to highlighting her subject’s inherent dignity, Bamuiyiwa’s color use and lighting enhance the portrait with a class and character that will stand the test of time.


Families Are Beautiful Together

The smiles of this family radiate from the portrait. They embody a conviviality, love, and appear to be fully enjoying life at the moment the photo was snapped. With its color, clothing, and posture, this photo reflects a culture that is distinctly non-American or European. It is fully embracing the African culture of its subjects.


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