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Japanese Photographer’s Pictures Of Stray Cats Capture A Precious Perspective Of Life On The Streets

While wandering around Tokyo, a photographer discovered several stray cats that were having a good time on the streets. He saw quickly that just because they were strays didn’t mean that they didn’t like to play. The photographer then captured incredible and candid shots of them showing off their super fun and cute personalities.

Life Of The Party

Nyankichi Rojiupa was walking around Tokyo in an area known as the city’s shitamachi (literally meaning “low city”).  He stumbled across a group of stray cats literally making the streets their playground.

The cats were having a ball, playfully wrestling with each other and roaming through drain pipes. They unknowingly struck the cute poses while just being themselves. Nyankichi absolutely had to capture these moments on film.

Building Trust

To take the photos, Nyankichi had to build a strong friendship where they would recognize who he was. He would feed and slowly pet them to make them feel comfortable.

He’s able to get extremely close to the cats, getting in on their fun games. “I’ve managed to earn their trust to the point where they allow me to play together,” the photographer shared in an interview.

Capturing Cuteness

Using this great connection, the photographer has been able to capture some great shots. The cats seem to be playing peek-a-boo as they play in the drain pipes and peer out at Nyankichi. There’s even been a few with the cats playfully sticking out their tongues at the camera. The photos show that animals will have a good time literally anywhere.

Nyankichi regularly snaps pictures of these great felines and shares them online. With these photos, he has built a strong following on Instagram. He has over 100,000 people that love to see his photos. “I casually stumbled upon these strays and now spend all of my weekends with them,” he said.

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