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Photographer’s Wholesome Collection Of Dogs Catching Treats Is Bound To Brighten Your Day

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International photographer Christian Vieler loves bringing out the best in the dogs that are his subjects. He’s been taking their pictures for years but is known for one particular pose— shooting them in the midst of a mid-air treat grab. The photos show the dogs’ goofiness, joy, and singular focus on the projectile they’re about to consume. Vieler showcases them on his website and they’ve gained a large following on social media with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook each. He’s also printed them in his new book Treat.

Vieler’s Start

Vieler started photographing pictures of dogs mid-treat by accident. He relates how he was looking to test out some new camera equipment but had to photograph indoors due to rain. He was forced to engage his own extremely relaxed labrador as a test subject and used treats to get the dog to move. He took his first photos just as he threw the treats. When he saw the shots later, he loved the results. Others do too!

What’s A Dog Photo Shoot Like?

Vieler relates that connecting with his dog subjects are a large part of his job. Each photo shoot uses a lot of treats so that the dogs are willing to stick around for as long as he needs them to. He tries to become a dog’s best friend as quickly as possible and to keep them happy. This makes for the best expressions and the most interesting portraits. The lively, happy pups make for the vibrant and goofy shots that the world has come to love.

Social Media Fans Love The Photos

Social media fans go crazy for dog photos, like the photos an Aspen hotel posted of their Canine mascot who helps out with guests. But when it comes to showing off a canine’s personality, it’s hard to beat pictures of dogs catching treats. His Facebook love to view and share the photos and they get hundreds of likes.

Fans enjoy these pictures and Vieler isn’t showing any signs of stopping. More skilled canine treat catching dogs are almost certain to be posting in front of his camera. We can’t wait to see more results!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved