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Photography Project Takes Snapshot Of What Kids Are Eating Around The World

Photographer Gregg Segal is obsessed with exploring the relationship between kids and their food. Focused on capturing children worldwide, each snapshot gives viewers a sneak peek into a kid’s culture, nutrition, and point of view. Most Western industrialized societies struggle with obesity, diabetes, and health problems connected to food additives. The Daily Bread Project is an intimate look at the connection between kid’s dietary choices and their world.

Kid’s Food Faves Revealed

Each of the kids photographed is asked to keep a diary of whatever they eat for an entire week. After photographer Gregg Segal reviews things, he takes a photo of the child surrounded by their food faves on weekends.

It is interesting to consider how much of an impact a child’s diet has on their health. It shapes tastes and preferences, and reflects personal values. There is something amazing transmitted through the dishes that we eat. Young people are particularly of interest because their eating habits are shaped from a very young age.

Snacks As A Status Symbol

The Daily Bread Project is unique because it allows viewers to get a clearer view of how Western diets influence dietary choices and health. Processed snacks and junk food may actually be seen as a status symbol. It all depends on where in the world a child lives, family resources, and cultural values.

However, status symbol or not, Western food items come with a price. Foods that contain high amounts of processed sugar, fat, and artificial additives can cause negative health effects over time.

Pointing Out What’s On Your Plate

Children and their relationship with food make a perfect vehicle for discussion about diet, health, cultural values, accessibility to resources, and social status.

The world is becoming an increasingly smaller and connected place. As such, food becomes an integral conversation piece when exploring culture, sustenance, and value. Too often, we take the food we eat for granted or don’t question why certain types of food we love or loathe. The Daily Bread Project is a visual treat for the eyes, as we all get a sneak peek at what’s on young people’s plates around the world.

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