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Five Photos Of Overwhelming Acts Of Kindness

When a person does something out of the kindness of their heart for others, it can make our heart flutter, give us goosebumps, or even bring tears to our eyes. These five examples of selfless compassion are some of the best moments captured on film which might do just that.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Firefighters saved a 14-year-old dog from a house fire in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania on February 28, 2008. The Labrador mix was having some trouble breathing, probably due to so much smoke inhalation. So, a firefighter administered oxygen to the pup while his owners consoled him after escaping the fire.

Keith Haupt/Bloomberg Press Enterprise/AP Photo

A Helpful Haircut

Cancer patients got a tiny, new fighter in their corner. A three-year-old boy in Portsmouth, UK, got his hair cut on March 30, 2013. He donated his long locks to an organization which makes wigs for children battling cancer. The look on his face shows how happy he was to help.

Solent News/Rex/ShutterStock

A Spidey Squiggy

Patients who were staying at Rady Children’s Hospital on May 30, 2017, who glanced out of the window may have just had the chance to see the Amazing Spiderman. A man disguised as the Marvel superhero was washing windows from the ground below the hospital in San Diego, California.

Mike Blake/Reuters

Compassionate Rebellion

On November 12, 2014, 90-year-old chef Arnold Abott, served food to members of the Fort Lauderdale, Flordia, community who did not have homes. Local police have warned Abott many times that doing so is in violation of city law. Despite being cited twice before, Abott continues his act of kindness.

Guillermo Legaria/AFP/Getty Images

Dress To Impress

This sign was found in the window of a dry cleaning store in New York City on March 18, 2015. People in search of employment, who may not have the financial means to afford to have their interview clothes dry-cleaned, are welcome to send their clothing here for free.

Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

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