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You’ll Love These Adorable Photos Of Ingo The Dog And His Cool Owl Friends

Dogs have been known to be man’s best and most loyal friend. Most love to play and interact well with humans. They even step up to protect us and provide comfort when we need it. However, this dog seems to have found that special bond with the most unlikely creature.

An Unlikely Bond

Ingo the dog, a gorgeous and large Belgian Shepherd, made a great friend in––get this––an owl! Yup, Ingo has become best friends with an owlet Poldi (short for Napoleon). The two, surprisingly, bonded pretty quickly after they met, and still flock to each other. Though it’s a strange friendship, the two clearly have a love for each other. In fact, Poldi looks to Ingo for some much-needed help…

Tanja Brandt / Bored Panda

A Pal In Need

Poldi had had a rough time adjusting to being a free animal. He hatched a few days later than his brothers and sisters and is pretty small compared to other owls. That, of course, makes him more susceptible to trouble in the wild, so he is a part of a human family of his own. Poldi needed more love and care than most owls, and Ingo had no problem stepping in to help!

Tanja Brandt / Bored Panda

A Watchful Guardian

German photographer Tanja Brant often takes pictures of the two friends. She notes that Ingo is super protective of the young owlet, especially since Poldi is so tiny. For Ingo, it’s nothing to watch over Poldi because he has experience protecting others already. The Belgian Shepherd actually comes from a line of police dogs. Because of Ingo and Poldi’s tight friendship, Tanja loves to take pictures of their special moments together!

Tanja Brandt / Bored Panda

Capturing Priceless Moments

Tanja regularly posts photos and updates about Ingo, Poldi, and their families on her website and Instagram page. Her creative eye as a photographer allows her to capture heartwarming moments between the dog and the owl. Tanja herself loves animals, and has captured many photos of them, particularly canines and birds. However, these pals have a special place in her heart!

Tanja Brandt / Bored Panda

Best Friends Forever

Today, Ingo and Poldi both have their own human families and lives. However, their loved ones know the special bond between the two. So the dog and owl regularly get to hang out together. And Tanja’s often nearby to snap some adorable pictures like the ones you’ve just seen!

Tanja Brandt / Bored Panda

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